Low Carb Homemade Yogurt

I discovered I like plain yogurt several years ago. Technically, I like the flexibility of taking plain yogurt and adding fresh fruit to make my own “flavors”. When I started the ketogenic way of eating, I discovered how to make homemade yogurt in my instant pot! It is super easy, and better for you. Continue reading “Low Carb Homemade Yogurt”

Low Carb Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese (Keto, Paleo friendly)

This is a recipe my sister found and I was able to modify with GREAT success! I use this for pot lucks at work, and everyone loves it! I know milk products are necessarily paleo, but some paleo folks still eat cheese, so I include it under paleo for them as well. Continue reading “Low Carb Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese (Keto, Paleo friendly)”

Afghan for My Son – Finally Complete

Actually, I completed this blanket in 2017, and meant to post about it then, but… Life happens. I made several attempts at an afghan for my son. He wanted something that was definitely manly. Geometric design and bland colors. You may have seen my previous attempts: Continue reading “Afghan for My Son – Finally Complete”

Thoughts on Food Preservation

Food preservation and food storage is always in the front of my mind. Both in our current modern, “normal” living situation and for our future homestead lifestyle.

Continue reading “Thoughts on Food Preservation”

Why SHTF is NOT Like Returning to the 1800s

Many people like to say that if SHTF it would throw us back to the 1800s, but is that really what it would be like? I often like to think of life on our property like living as in the 1800s, but with a few modern benefits like modern equipment, solar wells, and electricity. So really, NOTHING like the 1800s. 😉 But what if SHTF? Would we, on our property, with our solar, be truly prepared for any kind of long term disaster? Would it be like the 1800s after all? Continue reading “Why SHTF is NOT Like Returning to the 1800s”

So this happened!!!

So this happened yesterday! I was looking for shelving via craigslist and Facebook marketplace to store my tubs of yarn in when I got a wild idea to search for grain mills. Guess it was my lucky day! Brand new Lehmans’ Grain Mill normally $200 and I got it for $30!!!! Continue reading “So this happened!!!”

Property Herbal – Name That Plant!

One of my readers suggested I post images of the various plants I have around my property to see if I can gain help with identifying anything useful, or worth propagating. I know there isn’t much in food plants, but I have already identified a couple of plants with medicinal uses. I think I know what a few of these are, but would love corroboration. Continue reading “Property Herbal – Name That Plant!”

Reasons to Prep: Volcanoes

Fast-moving lava flows on Hawaii’s Big Island from the Kilauea volcano have blocked one major evacuation route and are headed toward the crossroads of another, prompting a new round of evacuations for rural neighborhoods in the area.

Authorities going door to door in the early-morning hours Wednesday called for emergency evacuations in the Kapoho, Beach Lots and Vacationland areas, about 35 miles from Hilo, the island’s biggest city.

USA Today (May 2018)

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Paleo Spiced Nuts in the Oven

So I talked on another post about how my husband tries to take food with him over the road (On the Road Trucker Food) and one of my readers suggested making some spiced nuts. I was inspired by this idea, so before he left for his next trip I made some. Boy were they good! Continue reading “Paleo Spiced Nuts in the Oven”

Reasons to Prep: What an “Average Day” Is REALLY Like When the SHTF – The Organic Prepper

Below is a link to and excerpts from an interview with Selco, a Bosnian, who survived a year behind a war blockade. They had no government services, no supplies were brought it, no food, no water, no electricity. Money was worthless. Continue reading “Reasons to Prep: What an “Average Day” Is REALLY Like When the SHTF – The Organic Prepper”