Holy cow, I can’t believe it has been so long since I wrote anything substantial for my blog. Winter has been a down time for me. Nothing to report on the property other than snow, which I didn’t get to see. We were scheduled to head up last weekend, but that didn’t happen after all…

So what has been happening? I have several blog posts scheduled that didn’t make it to completion so be expecting those shortly.

In March I became a new Oma (grandma) AND a mother-in-law!! That is my most exciting news. Our eldest daughter had her first son (our first grandchild) on March 23rd. I spent alot of time planning baby reveal party, baby shower, going baby stuff shopping, and generally being excited about the new baby. His name is Tyler and mom and dad are doing wonderfully.

During my absence from the blog, I struggled with my hypothyroid because, for a couple of months, I battled with remembering to take me pill, and the downward spiral that created with my energy, enthusiasm, and overall happiness during that time. Got a new schedule going last month, and wow what a difference again!

Also, I recently became aware of free women’s (Krav Maga) self defense classes just 10 minutes from my house, so I have been VERY active with that. Thanks to getting my pill schedule normalized, I had the energy and ambition to actual go to classes. You will be seeing more posts from me about that as well. I believe learning self defense and being fit is a large part of being prepared and self reliant, just didn’t have the funds for a gym (and the aforementioned ambition). Even my youngest daughter is loving the training. This was a great find. I discovered I really like boxing because of it, too.

I am enjoying the class so much, my son bought me “Bob” for mother’s day.

We did some camping, my daughter won a couple wrestling tournaments, I’m learning to sew, and I sprained my ankle so bad back in March that it is still not fully serviceable today.

My first sewing project -Kitchenaid cover.

That about does it for catching up… Please let me know how your winter went in the comments below!


Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend

Here is another spice blend that I find absolutely necessary if you plan to make curry. We bought this blend from the store on a whim, and I use it in all my curries now. It gave my curry such an authentic flavor from what I was used to with just straight curry powder. Continue reading “Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend”

Green Tomato Curry – Paleo

Its getting to be winter here in California, and we are being left with an over abundance of green tomatoes. I posted recently about canning your left over green tomatoes. In addition to canning them we looked up some recipes for how people use green tomatoes, and then came up with this yummy dish. Continue reading “Green Tomato Curry – Paleo”

5 Spice Powder

I love stir fry.  At least I do now, since I discovered 5 spice powder. When we bought this, it transformed my homemade stir fry to a whole new level (remember I can’t cook, hence the big difference one seasoning could make *wink*). My stir fry actual tasted like real Chinese stir fry, not just veggies doused in soy sauce. Continue reading “5 Spice Powder”

Reasons to Prep – Bay Area protesters rail against Trump, set fires, vandalize buildings

Feature Image: Woman passes burning garbage during a demonstration in Oakland – Credit Reuters

As far as I can recall, this was one of the most difficult election cycles our people have seen. Most people I spoke with had nothing really good to say about either candidate. But the way people go about dealing with their losses is staggering. Continue reading “Reasons to Prep – Bay Area protesters rail against Trump, set fires, vandalize buildings”

Canning Green Tomatoes

Last weekend we harvested 15 gallons of veggies from the garden (again!) and another 5 gallons that went to the chickens. We also spent a few minutes cleaning up our mess. Continue reading “Canning Green Tomatoes”

Apartment Prepping – A Creativity Challenge

It comes up alot in my emergency preparedness meetup group. We all know that being prepared takes planning, it takes a bit of commitment, and above all else it takes space to store the things you think you will need. For those living in apartments, this opens up another facet of preparedness – creativity. Continue reading “Apartment Prepping – A Creativity Challenge”

Reasons to Prep – Hurricane Matthew a Catastrophic Category 5 Strike

Featured image: A flooded building in Lumberton, N.C. ~ Credit Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Hurricane Matthew strengthened overnight on its way to the heavily populated Atlantic coast. Here are the latest evacuation orders by state…More than 1.5 million Floridians are currently in evacuation zones.

via Hurricane Matthew Evacuation Orders for Florida, Georgia, Carolinas (10/6/16)

Continue reading “Reasons to Prep – Hurricane Matthew a Catastrophic Category 5 Strike”