Woodlot – Black Locust

Black locust was one of ones mentioned as an alternative to poplars for a firewood woodlot. It is fast growing, and resistant to rot, and so it’s primary use has been for fence posts. The chemical composition of the wood allows it to endure for over 100 years in the soil. Continue reading “Woodlot – Black Locust”


My Bug Home Bag

Back when we had our scare with the propane tanker near our home, both my husband and I were far from our house and kids. He was over 100 miles away and I was over 30 miles away. It got us thinking about what if that had been a worse disaster – something more widespread like an earthquake or a fire. What if it was something that knocked out the bridge between Michael’s work and home, or caused the freeways to back up as people evacuated. Continue reading “My Bug Home Bag”

Woodlot – Osage Orange

Also known as: Hedge apple, horse-apple, hedge, bodark, Bois d’Arc
yellow wood, mock-orange, and bow-wood, is a very strong and useful wood source. Continue reading “Woodlot – Osage Orange”

Worries of a Trucker’s Wife

I missed my last Trucker’s Wife Thursday post, so this is a bit delayed.

Michael is still traveling over the road. When I don’t get texts from him, I worry. There are so many things to worry about when your loved ones are traveling without adding 100,000+ pounds to their vehicle. Continue reading “Worries of a Trucker’s Wife”

Coco Peat – Perfect Soil Amendment

Coco Coir Peat is probably one the greatest soil amendments I have found so far. It is an organic soil amendment, and the main reason I use it is to help maintain the moisture in my soil. Continue reading “Coco Peat – Perfect Soil Amendment”

EDC – Every Day Carry Bag

I have been a fairly practical person for most of my life. Being prepared for small emergencies is just another extension of that practical nature. Having an EDC bag helps me be prepared for those small emergencies.

In the past, I always carried a purse of one kind or another. I start off small, then fill it for a few years till I need a bigger purse. The I carry the bigger purse for a few years until i can’t stand it and commit to carrying a smaller purse. Continue reading “EDC – Every Day Carry Bag”

Comfrey – Homestead Medicine

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a wonder plant. Also known as Boneset, or Knitbone, is was often used for (you guest it) helping to heal broken bones, sprains and strains. However, as both a poultice and internally, comfrey has many more uses. It even has a surprising non-medicinal use in your garden. Continue reading “Comfrey – Homestead Medicine”

Paleo Spiced Nuts

So I talked on another post about how my husband tries to take food with him over the road (On the Road Trucker Food) and one of my readers suggested making some spiced nuts. I was inspired by this idea, so before he left for his next trip I made some. Boy were they good! Continue reading “Paleo Spiced Nuts”

Property Updates 7/1-7/4

Spent 4th of July weekend at the property! Had a great time, just Michael and I this time around.  We got alot of work done, and are ready for our first temporary shelter/Tuffshed to go in on the 29th. 🙂

We got a late start on Friday and arrived at the property at 4:15 am. By the time we pitched the tent, and crawled into sleep the sky was already showing hits of morning light! Continue reading “Property Updates 7/1-7/4”

Woodlot – Poplars

I have mentioned several times how keeping bulk food storage is a fight against inflation. Just like food in your cupboard is better than money in the bank, so is a good woodlot. A stack of firewood seasoning in the spring is worth more than money in the bank for any homesteader. Continue reading “Woodlot – Poplars”