Drip Irrigation System

Earlier this summer, my plants were sad. Michael began driving over the road and my daughter and I could hardly keep up with the intense heat drying out our garden beds. Continue reading “Drip Irrigation System”


I have always wanted to try bartering. I am not sure I have enough guile or ability to keep a straight face if I really want/need something. I would probably get taken to the cleaners, so to speak. But, I am also a bit stingy, as my husband would attest, so I am not likely to give up much more than I planned on to make a deal. Hopefully those two characteristics can balance each other out. Continue reading “Bartering”

October Top Posts!

I have totally been feeling the love lately! Thank you all for visiting. Our work on the property has ground to a halt do to winter’s arrival, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. ūüôā I have been canning, planning baby showers, working on our still-producing home garden, and catching up on back posts.

More to come! Continue reading “October Top Posts!”

Proper Battery Storage (aka How I Almost Lost My Home)

A few weekends ago, we had planned to leave for the property on a Friday afternoon. My office had been given time off early Friday for the holiday and we were to leave when I got home. With Michael’s crazy schedule and the fact that our friend had need to cancel going with us, Michael and I decided we had more to do at home rather than on the property. We decided to stay home as well. Continue reading “Proper Battery Storage (aka How I Almost Lost My Home)”

Cream of Asparagus Soup, Paleo

20161022_205314-1.jpgWe recently went through all our old books and either boxed them up or purged them. One of the areas purged was our cook book collection.  I had a full shelf of cookbooks from my mother, Sunset, Better Homes, etc. I only used a select few of those, and only 1 or two had sentimental value. My husband had his own shelf of cookbooks that he inherited as well. So we narrowed down our collections and have now only 1 shelf of cookbooks that we plan to keep for our homestead.

Over the weekend I went shopping and I picked up some asparagus to make some Cream of Asparagus soup. I wanted to make it paleo of course so when I was sitting with my husband, I whipped out my phone and said, “I need to look up a paleo cream soup.” Continue reading “Cream of Asparagus Soup, Paleo”

Reasons to Prep – A Quick Guide to Rising Obamacare Rates – The New York Times

While I don’t use Obamacare personally right now, I have talked¬†to a few people who have. I have yet to find a person HAPPY on Obamacare. Mostly I hear horror stories about folks who accidentally underestimated their income for the year and had¬†to pay 10s of thousands in penalties to compensate. Continue reading “Reasons to Prep – A Quick Guide to Rising Obamacare Rates – The New York Times”

Reasons to Prep – Debt Up $236,991,525,500.74 Since First Trump-Clinton Debate

The $236,991,525,500.74 that the federal debt has increased since the first Trump-Clinton debate just over three weeks ago is more than all the debt the United States government accumulated between the founding of the country and the end of fiscal 1944. ~ via Debt Up $236,991,525,500.74 Since First Trump-Clinton Debate (10/19/2016)

Continue reading “Reasons to Prep – Debt Up $236,991,525,500.74 Since First Trump-Clinton Debate”

My Mandala Madness

I love to crochet, but with everything that has been going on around the urban and property homesteads I hadn’t found the time or motivation. I am a member of a couple of Crochet-A-Long (CAL) Facebook groups along with my mother in law, Nancy. One of the latest¬†projects was the Mandala Madness¬†by Helen at Crystals and Crochet. My MIL¬†asked if I wanted to do the¬†CAL with her and I thought it was a great idea!! ūüôā Continue reading “My Mandala Madness”

Going Gluten Free – Grain on the Brain

As I mentioned earlier, I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. In my research, I found that the¬†autoimmune response to gluten also attacks the thyroid gland. “To the body, gliadin looks very similar to transglutaminase, an enzyme needed to form chemical bonds throughout the human body. [Naiyer AJ, 2008]¬†The thyroid possesses a higher concentration of transglutaminase than any other gland in the body. When the immune system attacks gliadin, the antibodies also attack the thyroid. [Ak√ßay MN, 2003] As the immune response continues, the thyroid suffers damage for up to 6 months after gluten consumption.” Continue reading “Going Gluten Free – Grain on the Brain”