Reasons to Prep – Bay Area protesters rail against Trump, set fires, vandalize buildings

Feature Image: Woman passes burning garbage during a demonstration in Oakland – Credit Reuters

As far as I can recall, this was one of the most difficult election cycles our people have seen. Most people I spoke with had nothing really good to say about either candidate. But the way people go about dealing with their losses is staggering.

I do not know when an election has provoked this type of reaction in the past, but we are all aware of numerous accounts of riots and civil unrest throughout the world and throughout time.

In 2016 alone, there have been 8 reports of riots or civil unrest (thank you wiki):

This event was relatively short lived, but some can last for days.

Are you prepared for riots to break out in your area? Can you defend yourself and your family or business if vandals come to rob your home or workplace? Can you hunker down and wait it out?

In Oakland, protesters threw a rock through the window at the Oakland Tribune office at 20th and Broadway, set several dumpsters on fire on Broadway, and sprayed profanity about Trump on buildings. Hundreds of people also gathered at San Jose State University after Trump defied the polls and staged a stunning victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  via Bay Area protesters rail against Donald Trump presidency, set fires, vandalize buildings


Please be sure you are prepared for anything.

Have a proper food storage for this type of problem in case you are stuck at home. At least a few days worth.


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