What? No Dressing?

Last night we were chowing down on our wonderful home grown romaine lettuce and it occurred to me that when we move we might not┬áhave salad dressing. Unless we make enough to splurge and/or we stock enough ingredients for dressing to last a great while (which we ARE working on by the way), we may eventually have no dressing. Here’s why: Continue reading “What? No Dressing?”


Interior House plans

Hey all! I promised this post a while ago and time has flown by!

Michael and I have gone through a couple of incarnations of our house plans and here was the most recent thoughts for our interior homestead. Continue reading “Interior House plans”

Old photos…

I have to clean out my house… specifically, one room in my house that is full of boxes, old crafting stuff, and countless photos that I may or may not get a chance to scrapbook one day. Everything in this room, has spent time in other rooms of our house, just sitting and waiting only to end up in what I now call my “craft room”. Continue reading “Old photos…”

On Accumulation and Downsizing

People spend their entire lives accumulating stuff. Sometimes that stuff is useful, sometimes it serves to help define who we are as people, or can augment our personalities, make us feel at home. But most of the time, it is just stuff; stuff we don’t need, and even sometimes stuff we don’t really want anymore, if ever, but can’t get rid of it. They were gifts, or heirlooms, or memorabilia from that “special day”. Continue reading “On Accumulation and Downsizing”