Property Updates – 7/29/2016

First off, let me apologize for being so out of touch the last couple of weeks. I have been completely swamped at work, and we had a death in the family, and I just haven’t been able to prioritize my writing.

Went to the property last weekend and had our first shed installed! ¬†I say installed instead of built, because it was basically plug in play from the Tuff Shed factory. The toughest part was putting on the roof shingles. Continue reading “Property Updates – 7/29/2016”


Septic Tank Woes…

On our last trip to the property we learned a couple of new things about our septic system requirements.

Where we live now, the regulations regarding septic leach fields require the leach plumbing to be at least 3 feet underground. You dig a 6 foot trench, fill the bottom half with gravel, lay your perforated pipe, lay another couple of feet of gravel and then cover with dirt. You can walk on it, graze animals over it or even build over it. The idea is that the leach materials sink into the ground, filtering and purifying as they go. We assumed, wrongfully, that our new place would be the same. Continue reading “Septic Tank Woes…”

Property Updates – 5/21/16

Seems like it is raining¬†every weekend we get to visit the property. Last time the rain didn’t reach all the way and we had mostly sunny days. This time… not so lucky.

It is giving us some great insight into the weather patterns, and we are trying to judge our plans accordingly. Continue reading “Property Updates – 5/21/16”