Property Herbal – Name That Plant!

One of my readers suggested I post images of the various plants I have around my property to see if I can gain help with identifying anything useful, or worth propagating. I know there isn’t much in food plants, but I have already identified a couple of plants with medicinal uses. I think I know what a few of these are, but would love corroboration.

1. Yarrow
20160729_150347-1.jpg 20160729_150353.jpg
 2. ? 20160729_150905.jpg
 3. ? 20160702_072058-1.jpg
 4. Sagebrush
20160702_072048.jpg wp-1465230779109.jpeg
wp-1465230060533.jpeg wp-1465230057948.jpeg
 5. ? 20160702_105848-1.jpg
 6. ? 20160702_105858-1.jpg
7. ?
wp-1465249385049.jpeg wp-1465249385028.jpeg
 8. ? wp-1465249385059.jpeg
 9. ? wp-1465249385374.jpeg
 10. ? wp-1465249385344.jpeg
 11. Juniper
wp-1465230060901.jpeg wp-1465230055112.jpeg
12. ? wp-1465230060706.jpeg
13. ? wp-1465230059459.jpeg
14. ? wp-1465230059137.jpeg
15. ? wp-1465230055084.jpegwp-1465230055107.jpeg

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