My Daughter’s First Baby Ducks

So cute!

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Turkey Updates

wp-1464117886448.jpegThe last time we posted about our turkeys, they were still living in the box. We had a hard time transferring them to the chicken coop, and we even lost 2 in the process.

We finally were able to move them into the chicken coop and they have been steadily growing and thriving. You can see that one is definitely male. The other two appear to be female, so we think we may have gotten lucky after all. The dog managed to leave us the right configuration of birds.


Meet Barnaby! (Throwback Thursday)

Happy Throwback Thursday. 🙂

While Barnaby is no longer with us, I think of him fondly and how he would jump our 6 foot fence and the kids would chase him down the street to bring him back.

I learned alot from our short experience with our goat friend and am looking forward to raising goats on our property eventually.

Michael and I regularly talked about getting a larger animal.  Now in case you didn’t know, we live in an old suburban house on a double lot.  He says we don’t even have a full acre of …

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R.I.P. Turkeys

I am sad to inform everyone that we lost 2 of our turkeys recently.

You may recall our previous failure at releasing our turkeys into the chicken coop, and the fact that they were able to squeeze their bodies through a 2 x 3 inch wire fencing.

Well, a couple of weeks later and a couple more inches in height on these birds and we tried again. This time Michael stayed in the coop and watched them struggle to fit through the fencing without success. Yay! We thought. Continue reading “R.I.P. Turkeys”

Releasing the Turkeys

So our turkeys have lived in the same box since they were tiny chicks. They are now so big their heads almost touch the top of the box. Every time we go to feed them they try to jump out. It was time for them to live outside with our chickens. Continue reading “Releasing the Turkeys”

Raising Turkeys – Pasty Butt… WHAT?

I have raised several batches of chickens from babies, even helped hatch one that was abandoned by the mom. And I have NEVER had to deal with the phenomena known as Pasty Butt, until now!

Pasty Butt also known as pasted vent and pasting up is a condition that occurs in baby chicks when droppings stick to the down surrounding their vent. Poop builds up to form a blockage that can be fatal to the chicken unless removed.

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No More Chickens (except)…

I have already written about our brood of chickens (and here). We have

Buff Orpington
white leghorn
White Leghorn

Buff Orpington and White Leghorn, and a couple of cross breeds between the two that a mamma hatched and raised on her own.

Now Michael says he want a new batch of Ameraucana chickens. He misses the funny colored eggs.
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Rabbits; Colonies and Chickens

I mentioned before how we kept rabbits for a very short time. Here is someone with a lot more “know how” on raising chickens and rabbits.

Can I keep rabbits in a colony on the ground and can I house them with chickens? I find myself being asked these two questions pretty often, so I thought I’d just write down my perspective on…

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Failed Chicken Coop and Rabbit Keeping

My husband and I have many failed attempts… Just about everything we do, we seem to have to do twice (or 3 times) till we get it right. That’s one of the reasons for this blog, to help people stumbling through this same process. Or at least get a good laugh. 🙂 Continue reading “Failed Chicken Coop and Rabbit Keeping”