Property Updates – 9/3-5/16

Spent some time at the property again! Yay!

Got a late start on Saturday, so we didn’t get much accomplished. Angelica got to do some exploring, and she took many of the photos in this post.

When we first planned to put the loft up, we thought the wall caps were exactly 10 feet across, but due to the overhang of the roof we actually had 10 ft 6 inches of space. This meant that all the cutting we thought we needed to do to make the boards fit was not necessary.

On the west end of the shed we put a 6 foot loft. On the east door side we added a 2 foot shelf/loft. The added storage space will prove invaluable, and Angelica enjoyed sleeping up there as well.

While we didn’t need to cut the 10 foot braces for the loft we did get to run our new propane generator for the cross supports. Our next step is to build some shelves and a couple of bed platform/shelves for sleeping and storage.

Still deciding what we want to do about the county building issues and our septic/well. Probably going to put our well in first now, so at least we have water when we go up. I would like to start our orchard going soon as well, so water will be very necessary.

Until next time!


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