Property Updates – Staking Our Claim

Headed back up to the property. We have a lot of work to do this summer to get things moving forward.

This was the first time we actually spent the night ON our property! It was pretty cool pitching our tents and curling up in our sleeping bags. But before we could do that, we had to work up a sweat!

We lugged several large steel fence stakes out to the home site and stomped around for a while in the brush. We had a general idea where the house would go, but needed to orient where exactly we planned to build.

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We get to come back in two weeks and work with the septic guy to get our test holes dug. He is also the person who will be clearing our driveway and the area for our homesite.

We used about 20 stakes over approximately 1/4 mile to stake everything out. It was tiring, as we moved the road stakes twice after our initial layout.

That night we dined heartily on backpacking food that had no closures…aren’t we clever?

While we finished up our meal, we were graced by a family of deer coming into our meadow to eat. It was so amazing. I can’t wait till that becomes my evening view every night. I tried to get pictures, but they didn’t come out due to the low lighting.

The next day, I wanted to explore a part of the land that I hope to use for our wood lot. It is a stretch from the house, but also has the most sun during the day.

During our forays we were lucky to recognize an interesting feature. An old gravel road runs right from the easement down through the proposed woodlot sight! The road only needs to be reclaimed and will make it much easier to get our firewood up to the house. You can see a culvert running under the “road” diverting water to a large area we will open up for another water catchment.

Another plan is to thin out all the spindly pine trees. This is to allow more light into the clearing, and to allow the pines to get larger and stronger. We don’t plan to use the pines as a firewood lot. They are mainly decoration and for other homestead purposes such as building, and retaining walls, etc.

Here is the lowest part of the property. It has a nice lush meadow along the fence line. Michael plans to put a water catchment pond here, which we hope to be able to pump water to irrigate the wood lot. The ground stays wet here for several months during the summer. This is alleviate the need to irrigate using our well water for more than a couple of months.


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