Fermentation vs Pickling

When I first started pickling foods, I knew there were methods that didn’t use store bought vinegar. After all, I had fermented foods in my organic chemistry class. We made alcohol, sauerkraut, and root beer.¬†So I knew it could be done. When I tried to look up recipes for pickles, however, all I found were vinegar “quick” pickles. Continue reading “Fermentation vs Pickling”


Fermenting Eggplant

20160716_111642-1-1.jpgTrying to decide what to do with our over abundance of eggplants, I came across this recipe from Cultures for Health.

I found the instructions sort of vague so I emailed their customer service and got some tips, so here is what I did for this recipe. I am bolding all the changes I made as well. Visit Cultures for Health for the original. Continue reading “Fermenting Eggplant”

Canning Sauerkraut

You can store sauerkraut for several months in the refrigerator without any further processing. If you want to store it longer, or if you don’t want to take up a large space with several jars of kraut, you will want to can it using the water bath canning method. Continue reading “Canning Sauerkraut”

My First Sauerkraut

I was so excited to harvest my very first cabbages! Not just first of the season, but the very first cabbages I have ever grown. They were beautiful, firm, and a wonderful healthful green. We had 4 large heads of cabbage ready for harvest, and we have 4 MORE that will need harvesting soon. What to do with 4 large cabbages??

Make Sauerkraut! Continue reading “My First Sauerkraut”