2017 Cancer Challenge from Sweet Potato 3

I have been so busy lately finishing up several baby blankets and an afghan for my adult son (long time in coming).


Since I have been doing so much searching, ogling, perusing of many wonderful patterns and pattern bloggers online, I came across this post from Sweet Potato 3.
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My Mandala Madness

I love to crochet, but with everything that has been going on around the urban and property homesteads I hadn’t found the time or motivation. I am a member of a couple of Crochet-A-Long (CAL) Facebook groups along with my mother in law, Nancy. One of the latest projects was the Mandala Madness by Helen at Crystals and Crochet. My MIL asked if I wanted to do the CAL with her and I thought it was a great idea!! 🙂 Continue reading “My Mandala Madness”

Around the Bases Afghan

20151223_190443_hdr.jpgThe Around The Bases Afghan (on Ravelry) (ATB) is a pattern by ChiChi that allows you to use any center square or rectangle (home base) for it’s center piece. It was extremely fun to work up and leaves a beautiful and interesting product in the end.
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You Made This!

One of my crochet projects received a mention on You Made This. It’s the white Sugar Candy Skull on the blue purse. 🙂 Feeling pretty cool right now.

This was one of many projects I worked on when I was fundraising for my daughter’s trip to Europe with People to People. I made several purses for people and this was one that the customer specifically wanted a skull motif.

I particularly liked this Candy Skull for it’s open work which allowed the color to show through.

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing Squirrel Picnic items pop up from all over the world.

Source: You Made This!

Mandala Crochet Blanket… Update

Life has been crazy in the cave these days, with my daughters trip to Europe next summer, our house still being worked on, our rabbits running rampant in the ally and under the house, I haven’t had much time or energy for much else.

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Mandala Blanket

PictureI told my son I would make him an afghan since i just finished one for his sister, and I of course gave him the option to pick something on his own… He picked this Geometric Manadala Afghan by Justbunny.

While I was very drawn to this pattern at first, actually doing this pattern has turned out very troubling.

First, the pattern was in English terms and not US terms… no big deal, I can translate those. So, using word I updated the pattern stitch terminology, and since I was in there, I substituted my son’s color (various shades of browns) choices for hers. Continue reading “Mandala Blanket”

A’s Afghan

Back in August I decided that I needed to take up crochet again.  I had worked previously making a few scarves and then tackling a larger project that I had to keep frogging (unraveling) and became frustrated and quit for about 2 years.

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