Drip Irrigation System

Earlier this summer, my plants were sad. Michael began driving over the road and my daughter and I could hardly keep up with the intense heat drying out our garden beds. Continue reading “Drip Irrigation System”


Coco Peat – Perfect Soil Amendment

Coco Coir Peat is probably one the greatest soil amendments I have found so far. It is an organic soil amendment, and the main reason I use it is to help maintain the moisture in my soil. Continue reading “Coco Peat – Perfect Soil Amendment”

Canning Southern Style Greens

With my husband traveling over the road trucking our garden was getting a little out of control. 🙂 Not enough people to eat everything. 🙂 Our collards and kale needed a serious haircut, and the cabbage worms were having a field day. Continue reading “Canning Southern Style Greens”

Garden Updates – Volunteers


One thing I love about gardening is volunteers!  I am not talking about people helping in the garden for free… I am talking about something very different.  {Editor’s note; She is a fan of free helpers too! } Continue reading “Garden Updates – Volunteers”

Making Greenhouses out of Lemons

In a previous post, I talked about our failed attempt at an overly large chicken coop. Forwp-1460736813359.jpeg
about a year we had the pieces in the yard. It was a kick in the teeth that we spent the money and time on these things and weren’t going to get anything from it. One of our sayings, especially recently, is that we have more time than money. Continue reading “Making Greenhouses out of Lemons”

Composting As a Matter of Survival

I was getting ready to post about my own compost experience when I found this wonderful forum post by a gentleman going by Forerunner at Homesteading Today. I love his writing so much, that I am trying to contact him to get permission to repost more of his writing here. He has so much knowledge of composting that I hope to learn a great deal as well. Continue reading “Composting As a Matter of Survival”

Orchard Planning

In an orchard there should be enough to eat, enough to lay up, enough to be stolen, and enough to rot on the ground. ~ Samuel Madden

There is something inherently satisfying in growing your own sustenance. As urban “homesteaders” we take it somewhat for granted that we will always have enough, like the quote says. If our gardening efforts fail us, we can run to the store. Also, we don’t have any productive fruit trees right now, so we can purchase fruit as well. My first attempts at growing fruit trees a few year back failed due to lack of knowledge about proper fruit tree planting techniques. Continue reading “Orchard Planning”

Garden, in the Beginning There Were Plants

I have been trying to get to this post since we first put our plants in the ground at the end of February. All the projects and things we have going on, and I really wanted to do my garden justice with a really nice review of our plan… so realize that this is a retroactive post, and I will post a more recent update soon. 🙂 Continue reading “Garden, in the Beginning There Were Plants”