Local Gems – Sacramento Food Co-op

I LOVE the Sacramento Food Co-op! I feel like I am not only supporting my own health by shopping there (whenever I can), but also that I am helping support a local community business focused on providing healthy and sustainable foods and products for those living in their community. The Co-op begain in 1973 as a food purchasing group. They expanded a couple of times over the years, and now have a store conveniently located in downtown Sacramento. Continue reading “Local Gems – Sacramento Food Co-op”

Dry "Shampoo" – AKA No-Poo

Dry shampoo – sounds weird doesn’t it?? When I first heard about this I thought, “that’s crazy, it can’t possibly work.” But then I began my dive into all things (that I can manage) natural, I learned that it isn’t not only possible, but it is better for your hair (which makes sense).

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DIY Natural Sunscreen

Just in time for summer! Experiment number two… homemade sunscreen! 🙂 I got the basic recipe from my favorite natural blogger Wellness Mama! I highly recommend her blog, she knows her stuff.

I wanted a more natural product for myself and my kids to use this summer, and one that won’t pollute any water source with chemicals, etc. Those little beeswax pastilles take a while to melt, but all in all, it took less than 30 minutes to make including gathering the ingredients and materials to finished product.  Makes 1/2 pint jar worth of sunscreen (approx 1 cup).
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Fast Breakfast Mini Quiche

I am a fairly lazy person, and I love my sleep.  Eating paleo every morning can be time consuming if you don’t plan ahead. Personally, I like to grab my food and go, so I was told about making these mini quiches using a muffin tin and they are great, easy, and quick to both make and take! Continue reading “Fast Breakfast Mini Quiche”

Sugar Addiction

I LOVE sugary foods!!! Mostly ice cream… that is my kryptonite!

Sugar can be addicting… it increases dopamine levels in the brain similar to drugs like heroine. A study reported that “rats with intermittent access to food and a sugar solution can show both a constellation of behaviors and parallel brain changes that are characteristic of rats that voluntarily self-administer addictive drugs. In the aggregate, this is evidence that sugar can be addictive.” Continue reading “Sugar Addiction”

Homemade Natural Deodorant

As part of my homesteading journey, and my desire to be more natural and more prepared should anything happen to us financially or otherwise, I have been researching various “do-it-yourself” natural cleaners and toiletries.  The first one I was able to try was this recipe for home made deodorant from Oh LardyContinue reading “Homemade Natural Deodorant”

Meet Barnaby!

Michael and I regularly talked about getting a larger animal.  Now in case you didn’t know, we live in an old suburban house on a double lot.  He says we don’t even have a full acre of land, I am not sure, but our yard seems big enough to me. 🙂  We currently have a rabbit warren,

Rabbit Warren

chicken pen, and a vegetable garden in the yard (more on all of those later) but there are enough weeds to keep a large animal happy for a while. At least until butchering time. Continue reading “Meet Barnaby!”