Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend

Here is another spice blend that I find absolutely necessary if you plan to make curry. We bought this blend from the store on a whim, and I use it in all my curries now. It gave my curry such an authentic flavor from what I was used to with just straight curry powder. Continue reading “Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend”


Green Tomato Curry – Paleo

Its getting to be winter here in California, and we are being left with an over abundance of green tomatoes. I posted recently about canning your left over green tomatoes. In addition to canning them we looked up some recipes for how people use green tomatoes, and then came up with this yummy dish. Continue reading “Green Tomato Curry – Paleo”

Fermenting Eggplant

20160716_111642-1-1.jpgTrying to decide what to do with our over abundance of eggplants, I came across this recipe from Cultures for Health.

I found the instructions sort of vague so I emailed their customer service and got some tips, so here is what I did for this recipe. I am bolding all the changes I made as well. Visit Cultures for Health for the original. Continue reading “Fermenting Eggplant”

Paleo Spiced Nuts

So I talked on another post about how my husband tries to take food with him over the road (On the Road Trucker Food) and one of my readers suggested making some spiced nuts. I was inspired by this idea, so before he left for his next trip I made some. Boy were they good! Continue reading “Paleo Spiced Nuts”

Don’t Cry Over Sour Milk

My husband inherited a large collection of antique cook books from his grandmother. Many of them depression era books,  books from WWI, and WWII which talked about rationing and how to cook with less or with alternatives.

Now I can’t tell you if this was a new idea at that time. I imagine it was something being done for generations, but was just being publicized because people forgot and needed to get back to doing with less.  Using up your sour milk is one of the things mentioned in these books. Continue reading “Don’t Cry Over Sour Milk”

Canning Weekend!

Growing our own food in our garden is one of the most rewarding experienced. Being able to put that food up so it will last through a winter is the second most rewarding experience.

Over the last week, we had several things cross into harvest ready or canning ready status. Continue reading “Canning Weekend!”

Veggie Crust for Pizza

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to post a bunch of recipes, but since starting this Paleo diet again I am forced to do allot of cooking. (Imagine that? Fresh food!) And honestly… I am just so darn proud of myself, I had to share. Continue reading “Veggie Crust for Pizza”

Paleo Veggie Crunch Salad

So, I have mentioned that I am NOT a foodie. 🙂 I don’t even have foodie quality photos! haha! And I will not be the one to post recipe after recipe, because usually I am fallowing someone else’s recipe anyway. Today is a slight exception however. Continue reading “Paleo Veggie Crunch Salad”

Canning 101 – Pressure Canning

When preserving low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats and poultry, or mixtures of the same you will need to employ pressure canning methods to ensure proper food safety.

Continue reading “Canning 101 – Pressure Canning”