Storage Run

Headed to the property to make our first true “Storage Run”.

Since we started prepping, even before we thought seriously about purchasing property, we have been putting things aside in case of a “rainy day”. Things we might need if for some reason we couldn’t purchase these items anymore, be it a loss of income for some reason, or true collapse. Or what if we just needed extras in case a disaster came and we needed to share with our neighbors.
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Apartment Prepping – A Creativity Challenge

It comes up alot in my emergency preparedness meetup group. We all know that being prepared takes planning, it takes a bit of commitment, and above all else it takes space to store the things you think you will need. For those living in apartments, this opens up another facet of preparedness – creativity. Continue reading “Apartment Prepping – A Creativity Challenge”


I have always wanted to try bartering. I am not sure I have enough guile or ability to keep a straight face if I really want/need something. I would probably get taken to the cleaners, so to speak. But, I am also a bit stingy, as my husband would attest, so I am not likely to give up much more than I planned on to make a deal. Hopefully those two characteristics can balance each other out. Continue reading “Bartering”

Proper Battery Storage (aka How I Almost Lost My Home)

A few weekends ago, we had planned to leave for the property on a Friday afternoon. My office had been given time off early Friday for the holiday and we were to leave when I got home. With Michael’s crazy schedule and the fact that our friend had need to cancel going with us, Michael and I decided we had more to do at home rather than on the property. We decided to stay home as well. Continue reading “Proper Battery Storage (aka How I Almost Lost My Home)”

Alternative Heating Solutions

What to do when your power goes out?

There are many aspects of prepping and homesteading that occupy my mind on a fairly regular basis. A couple of biggies are – Does my family have enough food to survive a long term disaster and what will we do if we lose power. Continue reading “Alternative Heating Solutions”

Preparedness Books

Hey all! Updated my Preparedness Books bookshelves for you. Take a look around.


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My Bug Home Bag

Back when we had our scare with the propane tanker near our home, both my husband and I were far from our house and kids. He was over 100 miles away and I was over 30 miles away. It got us thinking about what if that had been a worse disaster – something more widespread like an earthquake or a fire. What if it was something that knocked out the bridge between Michael’s work and home, or caused the freeways to back up as people evacuated. Continue reading “My Bug Home Bag”

EDC – Every Day Carry Bag

I have been a fairly practical person for most of my life. Being prepared for small emergencies is just another extension of that practical nature. Having an EDC bag helps me be prepared for those small emergencies.

In the past, I always carried a purse of one kind or another. I start off small, then fill it for a few years till I need a bigger purse. The I carry the bigger purse for a few years until i can’t stand it and commit to carrying a smaller purse. Continue reading “EDC – Every Day Carry Bag”

Connected via Amateur Radio – South London Journal

As you all know, I believe in being prepared for an emergency.

A lot of people know by now, but maybe some don’t, should an emergency situation occur, normal forms of communication will most likely not work. The cell phone towers will be inundated with calls, and will cease to function. Text messages might get through eventually, so that is the only other possible option for most people. Continue reading “Connected via Amateur Radio – South London Journal”