Woodlot – Red Alder

aln-rub-5Also known as Oregon alder, western alder, Pacific coast alder.

Red Alder is the most common hardwood in the Pacific Northwest. It is also the largest species of alder. Seasoned alder burns warm, but fast. Wet alder puts out a lot of ash and very little heat. Alder cuts and splits easily with an axe, but will leave an orange stain on hands and clothes. Continue reading “Woodlot – Red Alder”


Woodlot – Black Locust

Black locust was one of ones mentioned as an alternative to poplars for a firewood woodlot. It is fast growing, and resistant to rot, and so it’s primary use has been for fence posts. The chemical composition of the wood allows it to endure for over 100 years in the soil. Continue reading “Woodlot – Black Locust”

Woodlot – Osage Orange

Also known as: Hedge apple, horse-apple, hedge, bodark, Bois d’Arc
yellow wood, mock-orange, and bow-wood, is a very strong and useful wood source. Continue reading “Woodlot – Osage Orange”


I keep struggling with what we intend to plant for our woodlot. My initial search led me to a post which talked about using hybrid poplars because they grow incredibly fast, and are easy to harvest, split, and can regenerate through coppicing. However, there are MANY different species of trees that are also coppicable, fast growing, with varying degrees of ease of harvest, use, etc. I keep getting tangled in all the options and advice out there on the net, so here is my breakdown of what has caught my eye and is hardy in Zone 5. Hopefully this will help to keep me organized and possibly help someone else working on the same problem. This is not by any means a complete or even extensive list I am sure. Continue reading “Woodlot”

Property Updates – Staking Our Claim

Headed back up to the property. We have a lot of work to do this summer to get things moving forward.

This was the first time we actually spent the night ON our property! It was pretty cool pitching our tents and curling up in our sleeping bags. But before we could do that, we had to work up a sweat! Continue reading “Property Updates – Staking Our Claim”