I keep struggling with what we intend to plant for our woodlot. My initial search led me to a post which talked about using hybrid poplars because they grow incredibly fast, and are easy to harvest, split, and can regenerate through coppicing. However, there are MANY different species of trees that are also coppicable, fast growing, with varying degrees of ease of harvest, use, etc. I keep getting tangled in all the options and advice out there on the net, so here is my breakdown of what has caught my eye and is hardy in Zone 5. Hopefully this will help to keep me organized and possibly help someone else working on the same problem. This is not by any means a complete or even extensive list I am sure. Continue reading “Woodlot”


Natural Treatments for Diabetes in an Emergency

If you are diabetic, or know someone who has type 2 diabetes, you may wonder what you can do should a long term emergency cut off your supply of medications. It may be a good idea to have a supply of natural supplements on hand if traditional medications run out. Continue reading “Natural Treatments for Diabetes in an Emergency”

Around the Bases Afghan

20151223_190443_hdr.jpgThe Around The Bases Afghan (on Ravelry) (ATB) is a pattern by ChiChi that allows you to use any center square or rectangle (home base) for it’s center piece. It was extremely fun to work up and leaves a beautiful and interesting product in the end.
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Property Herbal – Sagebrush

This is the kickoff for a series regarding the many (or few?) plants that are growing on our property.

A herbal is … a book containing the names and descriptions of plants, usually with information on their virtues (properties) – and in particular their medicinal, tonic, culinary, toxic, hallucinatory, aromatic, or magical powers, and the legends associated with them. – wikipedia

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Paleo Nut Butters

Still trying to kick-start my Paleo lifestyle, I know I feel better, with more energy, happier outlook, (and NO pms!!!) when I follow a paleo diet. The problem…. eating paleo requires allot of planning and more time in the kitchen than a full time employee/full time student/full time mom can squeeze into her routine…

Well I am working on the planning part by accumulating recipes and ideas for foods and food substitutions for some of my favorite – GO TO – food items.

One of which is peanut butter… I love peanut butter… Continue reading “Paleo Nut Butters”

R.I.P. Turkeys

I am sad to inform everyone that we lost 2 of our turkeys recently.

You may recall our previous failure at releasing our turkeys into the chicken coop, and the fact that they were able to squeeze their bodies through a 2 x 3 inch wire fencing.

Well, a couple of weeks later and a couple more inches in height on these birds and we tried again. This time Michael stayed in the coop and watched them struggle to fit through the fencing without success. Yay! We thought. Continue reading “R.I.P. Turkeys”

What? No Dressing?

Last night we were chowing down on our wonderful home grown romaine lettuce and it occurred to me that when we move we might not have salad dressing. Unless we make enough to splurge and/or we stock enough ingredients for dressing to last a great while (which we ARE working on by the way), we may eventually have no dressing. Here’s why: Continue reading “What? No Dressing?”

On the Road Trucker Food

It is very important for both Michael and me, to make sure that Michael eats well on the road. At home, Michael puts vegetables in EVERYTHING! When my daughter was 3 she tried to fire him because he made her eat vegetables.

Traveling for days on end doesn’t lend itself to healthy eating habits. Fast food and truckstop diners do not offer enough variety to keep a person satiated. By the end of his run, all Michael can think about is having a healthy home cooked meal when he gets home. But what can we do in the mean time to offer some healthy alternatives to 7-11 snacks, and Black Bear Diner’s giant fat filled portions?

Not only that, but if Michael spent all of his money eating out while on the road, we would MAYBE break even with his paycheck. Sometimes he isn’t able to stop where there is food available at all. We need to give him as many options from home as we can. Luckily he has a fridge in his truck. He loads his ice chest to keep food cool until the fridge has a chance to run cold.

Things he packs for the road.

  1. My homemade bread – 1 loaf
  2. Salami and cheese
  3. Store bought salads – such as veggie crunch, kale and mango, etc.
  4. Pudding cups
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Jerky
  7. Gatorade/Powerade (sugar free)
  8. 4 liters of water
  9. Unsweetened tea
  10. Granola bars
  11. Naked Smoothies – several varieties.

He is usually only gone for 5 days at a time. In that, I am lucky. But making sure he has these things to take with him, helps to keep him healthy while on the road.

Can you think of anything else we could add that is travel convenient? What sorts of things does your trucker take with him/her? Let me know in the comments below.

Financial Preparedness and Homesteading

To me, financial preparedness is having all your finances organized and easily accessible in case of an emergency. It is also being financially ready in case of a life changing event which can cause a loss of income. Loss of employment, disaster, long term injury or illness, or death of spouse can all contribute to a loss of income. Continue reading “Financial Preparedness and Homesteading”

Acar Ketimun (Indonesian Cucumber Salad)

I have mentioned before that I am first generation American. Both my parents are from Holland (Netherlands), and my mother and my grandfather (her father) were born in Indonesia. Indonesian food was very prominent in my family growing up, as my grandfather did most of the cooking once he was on disability. Continue reading “Acar Ketimun (Indonesian Cucumber Salad)”