June’s Top Posts

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Storage Food Taste Test – Live Prepared

Michael and I had the luck to come across a huge sale on a brand of food storage we had not heard of before. National Geographic – Live Prepared. Full price for their 72 hour kit ($50) comes to around 131 calories per dollar.

I updated the table to reflect a reported 30 day supply for each brand accounting for the variety of entrees vs breakfasts, and the foods used in these taste tests. Your calculations may vary. Continue reading “Storage Food Taste Test – Live Prepared”

Food Storage Taste Test – Augason Farms

Back AGAIN!!! 🙂 Taste test number 3 – Augason Farms Stroganoff and Pasta Alfredo

Just to recap, we began this taste test for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to augment our canned goods with more variety. Keep things interesting in case this was all we had to eat.
  2. Add greater longevity/shelf life to our food stores.
  3. Possibly find an alternative backpacking food to assist with our food rotation.
  4. Because of all the above, I wanted to stock something that tasted good (or at least good enough)

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Food Storage Meals Taste Test – Wise Co.

A good food storage plan involves things that you WANT to eat. No one wants to spend an already miserable time eating food that makes them even more unhappy. Keep in mind the  questionable taste of prepackaged foods.  Knowing that it will NOT taste like gourmet, home cooked, or even  roach coach flavor. We cannot delude ourselves. So we ask, “is this something I could be comfortable eating if I had to”. Right now is the time to decide. We have the ability to choose, to taste test, and to find alternatives. We can afford to be picky. Continue reading “Food Storage Meals Taste Test – Wise Co.”

Food Storage Meals Taste Test – Legacy Brand Stroganoff

My husband and I are strong believers in having an adequate food storage. It has gotten us through a couple of rough patches and has saved us countless last minute trips to the store or to a restaurant for meals. Recently we branched out into long term food storage prepackaged meals. Continue reading “Food Storage Meals Taste Test – Legacy Brand Stroganoff”