Storage Run

Headed to the property to make our first true “Storage Run”.

Since we started prepping, even before we thought seriously about purchasing property, we have been putting things aside in case of a “rainy day”. Things we might need if for some reason we couldn’t purchase these items anymore, be it a loss of income for some reason, or true collapse. Or what if we just needed extras in case a disaster came and we needed to share with our neighbors.

Items we have been saving are things that perhaps we don’t currently have a use for, but still have some life left in them.

  • Used coats
  • Hiking/work boots
  • Snow work boots
  • Hats and gloves

We also started storing useful and hard to get toiletry and paper items.

  • New toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Napkins
  • Nitrile gloves and other first aid items

Useful items for working outdoors during various scenarios.

  • Dust masks
  • Work gloves
  • Protective eye-wear
  • Raingear

Useful household items

  • Extra blankets
  • Pillows

Everything was packed in sturdy plastic containers just in case rodents invaded the shed and labeled or had an inventory list attached to the outside.

This all fit in the loft of our shed/cabin on the property.

I was relieved to have these boxes (6 in all) out of my living room finally. 🙂

As we get our actual house built up there (going through the permitting process now) I imagine we will do a few more of these prior to the full move.

More later!

Property Update 6/17/17 – Let there be light…

FINALLY!! Got back up to the property over the weekend. We were hoping the well guy could come out to view the property while we were there, but he is booked through the month. So we wait.

Instead, Michael worked on wiring the shed for electricity. We can now run lights and outlets with the generator, or just lights with truck battery. If/when we get the inverter then the battery will run the outlets so long as the draw isn’t too great.

Our next step is solar.

While Michael worked on wiring the shed, my son and I cleared more brush from around the cabin so we can expand our porch and make our outdoor “kitchen” a little nicer. We also added a privacy tent (blue item in background) with a bucket toilet. Whoot! Downright civilized!

This was the first time our son was able to come see the property. We walked the entire parcel while I explained all our plans and ideas. We also saw the familiar signs of our resident badger… still haven’t seen the badger yet. My son is already talking about putting a small cabin on the property for himself, as well. I am a happy mama for sure! 🙂

One thing I didn’t do so well this weekend was remember how brutal the sun is up here. It has been so long, and winter lulled me into a false sense of security. I received a fairly bad sunburn. Note to self: long sleeves and hats! Duh.

Items on our to do list for this year:

  1. Build a bunk and shelves inside shed.
  2. Build a corner counter/workbench in shed.
  3. Hook up solar to the shed.
  4. Get well dug and install solar powered well pump.
  5. Buy a cistern for the well.
  6. Buy or rent a tractor.
  7. Look into foundation for permanent home-site.

Let’s see how much we can get done before winter.

Our next trip up will hopefully be over 4th of July weekend and we can have 3 days up there to work.

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Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend

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5 Spice Powder

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Canning Green Tomatoes

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Orchard – Apples

“And when you crush an apple with your teeth, say to it in your heart:

Your seeds shall live in my body,
And the buds of your tomorrow shall blossom in my heart,
And your fragrance shall be my breath,
And together we shall rejoice through all the seasons.”

Kahlil Gibran

Why Apples?

Apples are my first pick of fruit trees for my orchard for several reasons.

Because I am practical, the first and foremost reason is that apples readily grow in cold climates and so will be the easiest to grow on our property.

Apples are very good for you overall. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamin C, and polyphenols (antioxidants). They have proven benefits in fighting heart disease, cholesterol, cancer, and help regulate blood sugar.

Also, apples lend themselves to a variety of purposes. They are great for cooking, canning, dehydrating and they store well. You can use them in desserts, as part of savory dishes for a hint of sweetness, the juice can be used as a natural sweetener, and apples are just plain tasty when eaten

My Plan

Once again, we will probably end up with 5 varieties of apple trees. Most varieties of apples require cross pollination for successful harvests. Also, some varieties such as Granny Smith, lend themselves to canning and pies more readily that a softer variety such as a Red Delicious.

If you go to the Stark Bros page, there are literally 105 varieties of apples to choose from!

Varieties I plan to have:

  1. 2 Fuji
  2. 1 Honeycrisp (Michael’s favorite)
  3. 1 Granny Smith
  4. 1 Red Rome Beauty (to pollinate the Honeycrisp)

Most apples require cross pollination. To ensure successful pollinations, they need to be planted no more than 50 feet apart. Michael and I talked about planting our trees in a circle rather than in rows since our orchard will be small. It would be a 10 foot circle with each tree 10 foot from the other around the center – no tree is more than 10 feet from the tree next to it. This formation of trees not only allows for greater cross pollination, but also allows for harvesting within the center of the circle. Less overall movement = reduced strain on our old bodies. LOL!

Soil needs are important to consider. While I do intend to amend our soil somewhat, it is already well drained. It is mostly sandy, so I plan to amend with coco-peat to put back some carbon/organic matter into the soil, as well as some of the abundant pine needles which will add acidity.

Apple trees are not water hogs, they only need water about once a week. Using a modified drip system similar to what I did for my garden, I am confident I can rig up an auto drip system that will deep root water my orchards.  So far, according to Stark Bros., apples and almonds have similar water requirements.

Apples produce fruit within 2-5 years. Looking forward to some crunchy sweetness. YUMMY!

Do you have experience growing apple trees?