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Hi I’m Nysia. Pronounced Nee-sha. 😉

I am 100% Dutch American. Both my parents were from Holland, but they met and married here in the US. So maybe I should say I am American Dutch?

I am a mother of 6 children, all but one who are grown adults running their own lives. My youngest is in Jr. High with (now) 5 years till graduation. I work full time in a 9-5 job, and have been backyard homesteading with my family for about 6 years now.

I like to think that I am pretty practical, frugal, and research minded. I try to get the most truthful information I can, and balance that with my own thoughts and feelings on the issues. Most of what I write is still my opinion or my anecdotal experiences, although if I have research to back up my thoughts I will link it here as well. I am mostly logical, but do have flights of fancy on occasion. I am open to correction and criticism given with a light hearted and good natured spirit. I tend to get to the point in my posts. You won’t find me waxing poetic, or drifting into romanticism to often. 😉

I’m quirky and kinda nerdy. I like zombie movies, and just about anything zombie related. My favorite workout app is Zombies, Run! by Six to Start. I love Star Trek and Star Wars. I like to learn things like the science behind how fermentation actually works. Also, I try my best to live my life as naturally as my pocketbook and my sanity can stand.

Did I mention I’m a Gemini?

I am active in my local emergency preparedness group. We meet for coffees once a month. I enjoy helping others learn to be more self reliant and prepared. I teach classes on canning, raising backyard chickens, how to create your 72 hour kit and more.

My husband and I bought property in October of 2015. We hope to turn it into a viable, self sustaining homestead – mostly off grid – which allows us to retire and live the lives we want.

My current learning process, of which I will be doing most of my writing, revolves around building our retirement home/homestead cabin basically from scratch, how to garden in a new climate zone (moving from Zone 9 to Zone 5!), and becoming an orchardist. I will also have to learn how to raise goats, and possibly try our hand at rabbits again, and possibly pigs, once we reach our final move date.

I am writing this blog as a record keeping of sorts and also in the hopes that others can learn from our failures and successes.I also hope to connect with likeminded people to share ideas, skills, and knowledge. I consider myself a beginner homesteader with my little urban homestead of chickens and a garden, and I have to become a full fledge farm girl in 5 years. 🙂

About Us

2014 – Sending E to Marine Corps Boot Camp

My husband and I have been together since 2006, and married since 2011. We work hard, but we are not perfectionists, and we are not immune to the lazy virus. Together we have 6 children ranging in ages from 26 to 13. We have our dog, Fergie, several chickens, and the occasional farm animal.

We have tried our hand at everything you can think of.  Our backyard “homesteading” started back in 2008, when my husband lost his job, and we decided that having a garden to supplement our grocery bill was a good idea. From there, we started raising chickens for eggs and meat, tried our hand at goats and rabbits, and growing my first of many fruit trees. I will keep trying, learning and growing until we can move to our new homestead property.




4 thoughts on “About our homestead

  1. I feel bad that I have only just read your about page. Hubby and I fell in love talking about Ewoks, and baby Z was 3 months old when we took him to Force Awakens. Also, Zombies, Run! is an amazing app! I already loved how you wrote before, now you just became a favourite 😉

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