Reasons to Homestead (Urban or otherwise)

There are many reasons someone might want to homestead. I probably wont be able to cover them all, but I’ll do my best.

Whether you choose to move to the country and start a small farm, urban homestead in your backyard or on your rooftops, or join a community garden/city harvest group, you are looking for something more, better or healthier.

If you are on the fence about the whole “homesteading thing”, let me outline a few reasons why you might want to give it a try.

Fresh Produce is Healthiest. 

Most of your “fresh” produce from your grocery has spent at LEAST weeks and quite possibly a lot longer from the time they are picked to the time you purchase them. This is important because produce looses a significant amount of nutrients shortly after picking, so the shorter that time  the better. Buy from your local farmer or farmers market, or better yet, run out your back door and pick it right before meal time. Michael and I sat down to a caesar salad,  our homegrown romaine was so fresh the dressing  in the bowl had turned green from all the yummy and good for you chlorophyll.

Knowing whats on/in your food

When you grow your own foods, you know what you put on them, what you feed them, what gets injected, etc. Many news items already shed light on the so-called “free range” and similar labels, that leaves us wondering and sometimes resentful of how industry can hi jack a good idea for profits.

Self Reliance

When you grow your own food you control the quality.  You also have greater control over the cost and sustainability of your food source. The cost of groceries just keeps increasing. The more you supplement your store purchases with food you produce the more secure you will be financially in case of hardship such as loss of job.

Less time in front of the TV

This is one of my personal benefits, and may be yours too. I spent far too much time in front of the television. There’s a chicken or the egg feeling for me between limiting my television and working on my urban homestead again. Once we got the chickens under control, I was able to focus my efforts on our garden food production without having it eaten out from under me by poultry. Needing to spend more time in yard, I had to consciously NOT turn on the television. The new rule around our house is TV only on Friday evenings.  I find that I am doing other things Friday evenings as well, so very little TV is distracting me anymore.

As an added benefit ,  I am  getting just a bit more physical activity checking the garden and chickens every day.

It has also given me “spare” time to revitalize my blog. 🙂

Please post your reasons for pursuing a homestead lifestyle in the comments below. I would LOVE to hear from you. 🙂


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