Canning Green Tomatoes

Last weekend we harvested 15 gallons of veggies from the garden (again!) and another 5 gallons that went to the chickens. We also spent a few minutes cleaning up our mess. Continue reading “Canning Green Tomatoes”


Canning Eggplant “Tapenade”

The best use of eggplant I have found so far. I found the recipe here and boy am I glad I did.

We recently harvested 15 gallons of eggplant with more on the plants growing! I had to do something with these. I made a small batch of an eggplant “salsa” which I didn’t really enjoy the results that come from that recipe. I also had this recipe. Continue reading “Canning Eggplant “Tapenade””

Canning Jalapenos (not pickled)

It was difficult to find a recipe for canning jalapenos that are not pickled. In the end I chose to can them using the same method as canning other basic veggies like green beans. Continue reading “Canning Jalapenos (not pickled)”

Canning Weekend!

Growing our own food in our garden is one of the most rewarding experienced. Being able to put that food up so it will last through a winter is the second most rewarding experience.

Over the last week, we had several things cross into harvest ready or canning ready status. Continue reading “Canning Weekend!”

Ways to Can Ground Beef

I have mentioned numerous times about how food storage can act as a buffer to inflation, as well as help in case of emergencies. My husband and I are always on the lookout for food that is on sale. Anything that we can put up, we buy in large quantities. When my husband found ground beef on sale for $1.60 a pound (down from $4 a pound) I had him buy up 40 pounds of the stuff! Continue reading “Ways to Can Ground Beef”

Canning 101 – Pressure Canning

When preserving low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats and poultry, or mixtures of the same you will need to employ pressure canning methods to ensure proper food safety.

Continue reading “Canning 101 – Pressure Canning”

Canning 101: Water Bath Canning

Water bath canning is probably the most popular form of canning. You can water bath can in any pot that you are able to submerge your chosen size jar under a rolling boil. They require less attention as well. That’s not to say you can walk away, but you don’t have to monitor the pressures inside your pot.

Water bath canning is also popular because many people like to give out jams and jellies as gifts during holidays. Probably because it is simple to do and  requires little in extra equipment. Continue reading “Canning 101: Water Bath Canning”