5 Spice Powder

I love stir fry.  At least I do now, since I discovered 5 spice powder. When we bought this, it transformed my homemade stir fry to a whole new level (remember I can’t cook, hence the big difference one seasoning could make *wink*). My stir fry actual tasted like real Chinese stir fry, not just veggies doused in soy sauce.

Recently we ran out of our purchased “5 Spice Powder” and I was in despair. Michael can make a decent stir fry without it, but I NEED this blend to get the flavor I crave.

As with all things these days, I decided to see what went into this magical herbal blend so I can make it myself. There are several recipes out there with varying ratios of fennel, cinnamon, szechuan peppercorns, anise and cloves. The below recipe I found was the simplest. But you can vary the amounts to achieve just the right flavor you are looking for.

Make as much or as little as you want.

5 Spice Powder


Mix ingredients together and store in airtight container.

If starting with whole fennel seeds, or peppercorns, you can toast them first for a deeper flavor.

Toast in dry fry pan stirring frequently to avoid scorching. Allow to cool and grind in spice grinder.

There are so many things you can cook with 5 Spice Powder, for example:

Resources and alternative recipes for 5 Spice Powder


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