Eggplant Tomato Base

During the course of this summer, we have harvested buckets and buckets of eggplants and tomatoes. But mostly eggplants. We put eggplants in EVERYTHING this year. Eggplants go well in chili, stew, and curries. Not to mention spaghetti sauce. We have found uses for it everywhere.20161105_144208-1.jpg

However, when you harvest them by the bucket you need ways to preserve them for future use. I posted the oh so yummy Eggplant Tapenade recipe. My husband and I really liked that recipe and you can eat it fresh, or can it as directed in the recipe. But I already have 20 cans of Tapenade.

The second best way to preserve this is in a base. We have used this base in curries, chilies, spaghetti sauce, and in tomato gravy. It is extremely useful and freezes wonderfully for future use.

To make this you simply use equal parts fresh ripe tomatoes and ripe eggplant. Cut both into manageable chunks and boil with a small amount of water to prevent scorching. Cook until soft. Once soft, let cool slightly and transfer to blender. Being careful not to over fill blender, blend sauce in batches until smooth, and store in Tupperware in freezer or fridge for use in recipes.

Eggplant and Tomato Base


Equal parts tomato and eggplant

optional: One onion, bell peppers as desired


Cut vegetables into chunks. Cook till soft. Run in blender until smooth. Use, refrigerate, or freeze as desired.

What’s your favorite way to use or preserve eggplants?


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