Reasons to Prep – Hurricane Matthew a Catastrophic Category 5 Strike

Featured image: A flooded building in Lumberton, N.C. ~ Credit Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Hurricane Matthew strengthened overnight on its way to the heavily populated Atlantic coast. Here are the latest evacuation orders by state…More than 1.5 million Floridians are currently in evacuation zones.

via Hurricane Matthew Evacuation Orders for Florida, Georgia, Carolinas (10/6/16)

Having to evacuate your home may be the worst thing you need to experience in your life. Hopefully the evacuation is organized and you have already planned ahead for a place to stay for the duration of the disaster. However, you know you can’t bring everything with you that you would like.

If you planned ahead, you have already made an emergency binder with all your important papers. You should also scan all your important and/or precious photos that are currently not in digital form.

Read this post on evacuation for more details. What if this was your home? How soon would you expect to return?

The severe impacts from this hurricane could lead to some locations being uninhabitable for weeks or months, the National Weather Service says.

via Hurricane Matthew a Potentially Catastrophic Category 4 or 5 Strike Ahead on Florida’s East Coast; Strongest in Decades | The Weather Channel (10/5/16)

Still the flooding is widespread and people are unable to return to their homes or places of business.

Visit this link for more on preparing for a hurricane.

More on being prepared:

Have you ever had to evacuate your home? Have any tips or tricks for a smooth evacuation?



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