Reasons to Prep – Debt Up $236,991,525,500.74 Since First Trump-Clinton Debate

The $236,991,525,500.74 that the federal debt has increased since the first Trump-Clinton debate just over three weeks ago is more than all the debt the United States government accumulated between the founding of the country and the end of fiscal 1944. ~ via Debt Up $236,991,525,500.74 Since First Trump-Clinton Debate (10/19/2016)

If you want to see something really scary, check out this page: US Debt Clock

It shows you just about everything you wanted to know about debt in the US including the National debt of $19.7 Trillion with no signs of stopping. By 2020 the projected dept will be $22.2 Trillion. In 1980 it was “only” $919 Million.

Our government engages in quantitative easing which pushes money into the economy, causing devaluation of the dollar and inflation of costs.

A chart produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis shows the adjusted monetary base of the United States rose from $1.772 trillion on Jan. 14, 2009, to $3.996 trillion on March 16, 2016.
Read more at WND

The policy of quantitative easing – otherwise known as “printing” money – is being employed worldwide at a record-breaking pace, signaling to many analysts that the global economy is in freefall.

With the invention of computerized banking, the concept of printing money has a whole new meaning. There is no physical churning out of greenbacks, just push a button and more money starts flowing.

But that isn’t working either, so now they are talking about resorting to negative interest rates. Sounds GREAT doesn’t it???

Negative interest rates essentially mean the customer must pay to keep money on deposit at a bank.

…If rates were a negative 10 percent, for example, a bank keeping $1 million on deposit with a central bank would have to pay $100,000 for the privilege. Similarly, for bonds, a negative 10 percent interest rate would mean an investor buying a bond and holding it to maturity would get back only 90 percent of his money.

Doesn’t sound so good now does it?

Not only that, but these changes are on a global scale. Central banks in Japan and Europe are already on this course.

What you can do about it…

Just remember that tangibles almost never lose their value, and are inflation resistant. Things like food stores, property, tools, and machinery.

The economic uncertainty is one of the main reasons we want to homestead. I have no faith in the government to protect my retirement. I have little faith that our government will have anything to offer my children but taxation poverty.

The ability to grow our own food and produce our own energy, having skills that will get us by should the economy tank. These are the things that are priceless. These are the ways in which you can prepare yourself.


If you have time, watch this video with on the Federal Reserve.

Check here for more on preparedness:

Check here for more on food storage:


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