My Mandala Madness

I love to crochet, but with everything that has been going on around the urban and property homesteads I hadn’t found the time or motivation. I am a member of a couple of Crochet-A-Long (CAL) Facebook groups along with my mother in law, Nancy. One of the latest projects was the Mandala Madness by Helen at Crystals and Crochet. My MIL asked if I wanted to do the CAL with her and I thought it was a great idea!! 🙂

When I started this project, I think I had higher hopes for color choices than I ended up with. Michael had said I should use up some of the yarn I already had in my stash rather than buying new. I didn’t have enough of a colorway to make it work, so I mixed and matched, and my MIL generously donated several skeins of teal and light yellow to my hodgepodge mix.

The resulting afghan has an almost Indian feel to its colors and appearance. That makes for a happy accident.

Following the pattern was a chore, and there was many a moment of cussing and setting the project aside to work on something else. To be fair, MOST of the pattern was easy enough to follow, but when you need several lines of type to complete one row, it gets a bit daunting. And then there seemed to be some lines that I just had to make some stuff up to get the pattern to work out with the row below and the row after so it fits the number of stitches. This could be my lack of experience, but I wasn’t the only one having issues, so I don’t feel TOO dumb.

The videos were a great help on a couple of the rows. I would not have finished the project without them.

I also do not recommend this as a summer project. I did this over the summer and the weight and size made it oppressively hot at times. I didn’t want to run my AC extra hard just so I could crochet in moderate comfort.

All in all it was a challenging project, glad it is finished, but I will probably not make another one. It weighs over 6 pounds and is 7 ft across. Almost 1000 stitches in the last round. I have yet to figure out what to do with it now that it is complete.

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