July’s Top Posts!

July was a short month of blogging for me. Life is full of challenges, but thank you readers for making it all worth it! 🙂

20160709_085943-1-1.jpg I have been a fairly practical person for most of my life. Being prepared for small emergencies is just another extension of that practical nature. Having an EDC bag helps me be prepared for those …

Source: EDC – Every Day Carry Bag

comfrey-207159_640 Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a wonder plant. Also known as Boneset, or Knitbone, is was often used for (you guest it) helping to heal broken bones, sprains and strains. However, as both a poul…

Source: Comfrey – Homestead Medicine

lavender-flowers-and-coconut-oil Herbal infusions are highly useful creations. They can be used for any number of medicinal or cosmetic uses such as healing salves, massage oils, healing additions to soaps and lotions, and even ha…

Source: Herbal Infusions

poplar-72699_1280 I have mentioned several times how keeping bulk food storage is a fight against inflation. Just like food in your cupboard is better than money in the bank, so is a good woodlot. A stack of firewoo…

Source: Woodlot – Poplars

20160703_135149.jpg Spent 4th of July weekend at the property! Had a great time, just Michael and I this time around.  We got alot of work done, and are ready for our first temporary shelter/Tuff Shed to go in on the 2…

Source: Property Updates 7/1-7/4


If you have a favorite Nysia’s Homestead Journey post, let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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