Property Updates – 7/29/2016

First off, let me apologize for being so out of touch the last couple of weeks. I have been completely swamped at work, and we had a death in the family, and I just haven’t been able to prioritize my writing.

Went to the property last weekend and had our first shed installed!  I say installed instead of built, because it was basically plug in play from the Tuff Shed factory. The toughest part was putting on the roof shingles.

That being said, our weekend was still fairly productive. We dug out a ton of weeds and sagebrush for our first part of our driveway.

Now Michael can park the truck right next to the shed. The ground was so sandy we almost got stuck however. No worries, though. A few more trips and we should have that packed down enough to support the truck.

We also established our first latrine. 🙂 Much easier and more privacy than our previous trips. 🙂


We went to the county to drop off our paperwork and were hit with another permitting setback….

We were originally told (by someone unofficial) that all we needed was a septic system to get our address. That apparently is not true. We need to have our home at least started and be making progress on at least a 6 month incremental bases in order to receive and keep our address. This is very frustrating as that means we will need to probably hire an actual contractor to build our home instead of doing a Tuff Shed small cabin, as we had originally intended. OR we just keep camping out like we are now.

We will not let this stop us, regardless of what we decide to do. Everything is a learning process.



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