Woodlot – Black Locust

Black locust was one of ones mentioned as an alternative to poplars for a firewood woodlot. It is fast growing, and resistant to rot, and so it’s primary use has been for fence posts. The chemical composition of the wood allows it to endure for over 100 years in the soil.

This makes the Black Locust a great option for our woodlot, as both a fast growing firewood source, but also for quickly renewable building materials.flowers-737061_640

They also produce beautiful white flowers which will attract bees for our orchard and

This tree is useful for lumber, poles, wood fiber, land reclamation, beekeeping, fuel and forage. It grows very rapidly survives droughts and severe winters, tolerates infertile and acidic soils, and produces livestock feed nutritionally equivalent to alfalfa.

Black Locust: A Multi-purpose Tree Species for Temperate Climates
Black Locust: An Excellent Fiber Crop
James A. Duke. 1983. Handbook of Energy Crops. unpublished
Black Locust


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