Worries of a Trucker’s Wife

I missed my last Trucker’s Wife Thursday post, so this is a bit delayed.

Michael is still traveling over the road. When I don’t get texts from him, I worry. There are so many things to worry about when your loved ones are traveling without adding 100,000+ pounds to their vehicle.

Most of the time Michael will send me a text when he stops for his 10 hour break, or right before he heads out for his next shift. However sometimes he forgets, for whatever reason and I get nervous. Or perhaps I feel as though he should have sent me a message by now even though me may just be on shift still.

Michael is an extremely safe driver, nevertheless I worry because he is only one of hundreds of thousands of possible drivers on the road with him, and they will do stupid things causing both my husband and themselves serious danger.

  1. Main worry is that he might get in an accident. People are constantly jumping in front of him, or trying to cut him off.
  2. Maybe his truck broke down causing a serious delay, and danger wherever he had to stop. No one wants to give any distance or speed precautions near stopped semi’s.
  3. Someone attacking/mugging him in a rest stop or truck stop.

These are just some of the worries.

Either way, we are both looking forward to the day he won’t have to drive truck for a living again.

Do you have a loved one that travels for a living? What are some of the things that worry you?


4 thoughts on “Worries of a Trucker’s Wife

  1. I share your worries as well. My husband has driven for 2years now and my worries are not any less than when he started. I worry as well about people who would hurt him or him having a medical emergency and no one there to advocate for him. Prayers and good thoughts for you. I know it is not easy.

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  2. I REALLY have to leave this comment, however relevant this is…with moving to Virginia recently, my husband and I, I work at a Pilot/Speedway truck stop. My husband works as a mover now with my mother in law as a driver, and my father in law as a mover too. I recently went slightly postal, as I dealt with my first week away from him, while they went to Ohio. I had severe anxiety, and scared even more, alone at night without him, which made it seem real. With recent news of a truck driver getting held at knife point at a stop, and my brother in law in Florida having a bum breaking into his truck and trying to hitch a ride, I am there with you, you are NOT alone!!! -Amy

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