Coco Peat – Perfect Soil Amendment

Coco Coir Peat is probably one the greatest soil amendments I have found so far. It is an organic soil amendment, and the main reason I use it is to help maintain the moisture in my soil.

One 11 pound brick filled a 30 gallon bucket with just 6 gallons of water. You can see the progression of expansion in the images below. The amount of water capacity is so great that even after 6 gallons of water, there was still some dry coco peat visible.


There are many other benefits as well.

  1. Coco Peat is an organic material derived from coconuts.
  2. You can use cocopeat in your hydroponic gardening.
  3. It is great for seed starting without soil.
  4. Allows for aeration of the planting medium even when wet.
  5. Unlike peat moss, coco peat has a neutral pH.
  6. Over time, coco peat creates a loose soil which is desirable for planting.
  7. Coco peat is a much more sustainable and renewable source of soil amendment, when compared to peat moss.

I plan to use this stuff in my homestead garden as well. Each tree in my orchard will get at least a one pound brick of coco peat added to the soil prior to planting. I will need to add this to my storage plans as well.

There are probably more benefits that I messed. If you think of something, please let me know in the comments below.


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