EDC – Every Day Carry Bag

I have been a fairly practical person for most of my life. Being prepared for small emergencies is just another extension of that practical nature. Having an EDC bag helps me be prepared for those small emergencies.

In the past, I always carried a purse of one kind or another. I start off small, then fill it for a few years till I need a bigger purse. The I carry the bigger purse for a few years until i can’t stand it and commit to carrying a smaller purse.

Ultimately I end up not having what I need or not being able to find what I need even though I have it.

When I began looking into 72 hour bags, and bug home bags, I came across this concept of the “every day carry” bag. It made alot of sence to me and where I was heading in my practical preparedness journey.

I went through a few incarnations of my carry bag/purse when a friend purchased the Red Rock Sling Bag and I got to see it up close. I love this bag and it is my everyday purse and emergency essentials bag.

In my bag I carry:

  1. An emergency Mayday 1200 cal pack
  2. A trashbag for use as a poncho or makeshift shelter
  3. Sawyer Water Filter with gray water straw
  4. Iodine water tablets
  5. Firestarter and fire striker
  6. N95 Dust mask
  7. Hand warmers
  8. Flashlights
  9. Emergency blanket
  10. Folding knife/toolkit
  11. Magnifying glass
  12. Chapstick
  13. Spare batteries for the flashlight or headlamp from my Bug Home Bag.
  14. Dental Floss (used as indicated or as thread if needed)
  15. Pocket knife (worn on my person or clipped to my bag)
  16. Pepper spray on my keyring
  17. P38 (can opener)
  18. Churchkey (can/bottle opener)

Aside from these things, I carry the usual purse items.

  1. Wallet
  2. Checkbook
  3. Credit/debit/store cards
  4. Cash
  5. Etc.

Things I should probably carry, but have in my car so I get by:

  1. Ibuprofen
  2. First aid kit

You can put together your own bag based on your own needs. Use what you have around you first in order to save money. The items in my bag have come in handy on several occasions even without an emergency; so much so, that I can’t imagine I got along without this bag in the past.


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