Property Herbal – Sand Lily

This is another plant I found on my rounds of the property. It is somewhat prevalent.

It is called a Sand Lily or sometimes Starlily.


A low plant with several star-like, white flowers blooming in a basal rosette of narrow, grass-like leaves.

With its flowers nestled among the leaves, this distinctive little lily is unmistakable. This is the only species of its kind.

“The sand lily perfects mysterious, only appearing mid-to-late-spring after a few good days of warmth and sunshine, making random, secretive appearances for several weeks, and then vanishing completely for another year. Sand lilies don’t grow in front yards—they like battered trails, stretches of old wildfire-scarred land,steep dusty slopes. The leaves look like grass—until the flower emerge one expects nothing. They are small, each plant maybe the size of a salad plate, each flower fragile and white and soft as a puddle of melting vanilla ice cream.”[4]

There is not much information available regarding this plant or it’s uses.

Edible Uses:

The roots of star lily were reportedly used for food by the Crow Indians.

Medicinal Uses:

The Paiute and Shoshoni Indians used a poultice of the pulverized roots and applied it to sores and swellings.

Other plants on my property:





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