R.I.P. Turkeys

I am sad to inform everyone that we lost 2 of our turkeys recently.

You may recall our previous failure at releasing our turkeys into the chicken coop, and the fact that they were able to squeeze their bodies through a 2 x 3 inch wire fencing.

Well, a couple of weeks later and a couple more inches in height on these birds and we tried again. This time Michael stayed in the coop and watched them struggle to fit through the fencing without success. Yay! We thought.

Michael was going about his day replacing the brakes on our son’s first car, and when he went into the back yard where the coop is, he found our sweet “innocent” dog eating one of the turkeys with another one near death next to her!cropped-cropped-cropped-20160409_140401.jpg

We couldn’t save the one that was still barely alive, and the dog high-tailed it under the house where we couldn’t reach her to admonish her.

I am saddened by the frightening end met by two of our turkeys. I am perplexed as to how in the heck they managed to get out after all. And we have 3 of our turkeys BACK in the brooding box AGAIN!

The only thing that is saving my dog from finding herself in a new home is that when we move to our homestead she will be too old to cause any serious harm to our livelihood. While we live in a city and have jobs, we can afford the loss of a couple of turkeys; on our homestead, a dog that eats livestock won’t be tolerated.


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