What? No Dressing?

Last night we were chowing down on our wonderful home grown romaine lettuce and it occurred to me that when we move we might not have salad dressing. Unless we make enough to splurge and/or we stock enough ingredients for dressing to last a great while (which we ARE working on by the way), we may eventually have no dressing. Here’s why:

  1. Most dressings require olive oil or some other liquid oil that is generally to prohibitive to be made onsite and must be purchased.
  2. The other dressings want mayo, which is comprised of olive oil or some other liquid oil that is generally to prohibitive to be made onsite and must be purchased.

This also got me thinking about what other things will be prohibitive to purchase once we move. There are many things that would take a backseat to all the things we would absolutely NEED to purchase. Also, there are many amenities that we enjoy now, that we will not have when we move.

This is just a running list of things I can think of at the moment. I am trying to wrap my brain around this and come up with alternatives that will help us stay self sufficient without having to give up all of the niceties.

Things We’re Giving Up

Homestead Alternatives


Ice Cream – This is my favorite all time sweet comfort food. I will probably miss this most, specially having all those flavor options. Custard – If I can learn to make this with goat’s milk, we are golden. Custard is basically the same ingredients as ice cream, just not frozen. Or depending on our solar power output I can make my own ice cream. 🙂
Salad Dressing – Just makes eating lettuce nice. Vinegar – I can make different vinegars, but there will probably be very little olive oil to be had to mix with it.

Yogurt – I could probably find a way to blend goat’s milk yogurt with spices and more milk to make a dressing. Just need to learn to make yogurt first! 🙂

Peanut butter – I just love peanut butter. In my ice cream, on my sandwiches, mixed with chocolate. 🙂 Nut Butters – We will have several nut trees in our orchard and a grain/nut grinder, so I will be making our own nut butters from scratch.
Chocolate – This one is going to be difficult as well, and a complete indulgence if we do buy some. Stocking up – My plan is to stock up on cocoa powder and other baking staples of chocolate before we move. 🙂
Lard – Pig lard makes a nice soap, and is great for cooking. Goat and Chicken Fat – Chicken fat does not make as nice a soap as lard and will take a long time to collect enough. Soap will be much softer. Not sure about goat fat. We are still deciding on raising pigs.


Television – Used to be my favorite thing to do at night, or at least my favorite break from reality. I also enjoy having the background noise for when I am folding laundry or crocheting, but I don’t think I will miss it all that much. And I am limiting my usage now, as well. Talking – imagine that. 🙂

Reading – We own lots of books, and can pick up more at second hand stores for cheap.

Honestly, I just don’t see us having too much free time, anyway. 🙂

Microwave oven – That easy appliance for warming up leftovers. Stovetop – Whether we are using our indoor wood cook stove (winter) or the outdoor kitchen (summer), we will be warming up our food on the “stovetop” somehow.
Lye – Used for soap making. The store bought variety is much more convenient. Wood Ash Lye – Made from hardwood ashes, less consistent, will take lots of practice.
 Michael’s Bunn coffee maker – 2 minutes to fresh coffee! Percolator kettle – Not as convenient, but saves on solar energy load.
 Clothes Dryer Clothes Line – Both outside in the sunshine and inside in the winter over the wood stove probably.
 Air Conditioner! – Something we can’t hardly live without in CA. Swamp Cooler – piped through indoor plumbing and run on solar. Plenty of sun out if we need to run this. 🙂

This is an ongoing list. 🙂

Please post in comments if you can think of other things we will need to give up for our homestead dreams.



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