On the Road Trucker Food

It is very important for both Michael and me, to make sure that Michael eats well on the road. At home, Michael puts vegetables in EVERYTHING! When my daughter was 3 she tried to fire him because he made her eat vegetables.

Traveling for days on end doesn’t lend itself to healthy eating habits. Fast food and truckstop diners do not offer enough variety to keep a person satiated. By the end of his run, all Michael can think about is having a healthy home cooked meal when he gets home. But what can we do in the mean time to offer some healthy alternatives to 7-11 snacks, and Black Bear Diner’s giant fat filled portions?

Not only that, but if Michael spent all of his money eating out while on the road, we would MAYBE break even with his paycheck. Sometimes he isn’t able to stop where there is food available at all. We need to give him as many options from home as we can. Luckily he has a fridge in his truck. He loads his ice chest to keep food cool until the fridge has a chance to run cold.

Things he packs for the road.

  1. My homemade bread – 1 loaf
  2. Salami and cheese
  3. Store bought salads – such as veggie crunch, kale and mango, etc.
  4. Pudding cups
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Jerky
  7. Gatorade/Powerade (sugar free)
  8. 4 liters of water
  9. Unsweetened tea
  10. Granola bars
  11. Naked Smoothies – several varieties.

He is usually only gone for 5 days at a time. In that, I am lucky. But making sure he has these things to take with him, helps to keep him healthy while on the road.

Can you think of anything else we could add that is travel convenient? What sorts of things does your trucker take with him/her? Let me know in the comments below.


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