Property Struggles – House Placement

The more I look at our property, the more I wish I could just spend all my time there. We have so much to do and so many things that need possible modification in order to make our plans work. Only spending one weekend a month there just doesn’t feel like it will cut it.

We found out yet another new obstacle to overcome in building our cabin.

Because we purchased in what is called a forestry zone, we have to build our house within 300 feet of our neighbor OR within 100 feet from the designated easement road. That nixes several ideas we had for placement of our house.

Here we are with this relatively large piece of land, and we are relegated to within 100 feet of a road?? I wanted our home to be set back in the trees, and not visible from the road so much.

With all these things that keep cropping up, I am struggling with the viability of our purchase. I know we can make a home here, but it is turning out to not be the home we exactly wanted.


6 thoughts on “Property Struggles – House Placement

  1. Having just evacuated from a fire in my area, while you dislike the idea of being “on” the easement or close to a neighbor, should you ever have a fire you will be extraordinarily grateful that the firefighters had access to your house. I would definitely consider Sandymento’s advice re: ways to create a visual block from the easement / neighbor – always keeping in mind the need for a fire break around your house / outbuildings.

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  2. Explore the house floor plan…if it’s turned away from the road, …could you then build a wall of trees that would block the passerbys from seeing thru? Could you position the house within 300′ of a neighbor but turned so that you had FULL view and privacy…? Consider using trees as screens? Bamboo?

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