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As you all know, I believe in being prepared for an emergency.

A lot of people know by now, but maybe some don’t, should an emergency situation occur, normal forms of communication will most likely not work. The cell phone towers will be inundated with calls, and will cease to function. Text messages might get through eventually, so that is the only other possible option for most people.

There is another form of communication that few are aware of, or at least know how to access.

The communication systems that will work will be HAM radios, also called amatuer radio. Over the years, the HAM radio operators have been a huge emergency communications outlet for both civilians and officials working the emergency. There is a special network of HAM operators who are able to function as relay systems in just such large scale disasters. HAM radio with enough power, or utilizing the proper frequencies and locations, have been able to communicate across the globe.

Being able to connect with your family and friends in an emergency would be so helpful and can relieve alot of the stress of a situation. It could also mean the difference between getting help and not getting help.

Please educate yourself and stay connected with emergency resources and your family.

There are many organizations that can assist you in getting your HAM radio operators license. My husband has one, and I am working on getting my own.

Here is an app for android that I use personally, so I feel I can recommend it’s usefulness in studying for the test.

Please visit South London Journal below to read more on the importance of amateur radio operation.

In the aftermath of many types of disasters, the social infrastructures that we rely on day by day are unable to function. Although, governments may still exist, it is sometimes difficult, or impos…

Source: Connected via Amateur Radio

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