Releasing the Turkeys

So our turkeys have lived in the same box since they were tiny chicks. They are now so big their heads almost touch the top of the box. Every time we go to feed them they try to jump out. It was time for them to live outside with our chickens.

Our biggest concern with moving them outside was whether or not the chickens would end up killing them rather than live with them.

But what happened was completely, unexpected! And it happened so fast I didn’t even get photos.

Our chicken coop is enclosed by 2 x 3 inch mesh hog wire… Apparently their bodies  are smaller than 2 inches by 3 inches!!!! They all scooted through the mesh in lightening time.

Fortunately for us, they ran straight into the shed, and were able to recapture them. Back in the box for now.

Leave me a message if you have had a similar experience. 🙂


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