(Bad) Habits of a Trucker’s Wife

Before my husband started going over the road we had gone for several months being good about our TV habits. We both agreed that TV was one of the prominent causes for our lack of progress around the house, in our garden and in general.

I LIKED keeping busy, but the biggest gain from this idea was that we talked – alot. From the time I got home, to the time we went to bed we spent time together. Working on the garden, working on my blog, cooking and eating meals together, and talking all the while.

I miss that conversation and that motivation to not watch TV. Without having time to spend together, I fill the silence with TV and I justify it by doing sedentary tasks like folding laundry, or crochet. I do the necessary things, like water the garden and take care of the animals, but then I watch TV.

I rarely cook at home. I really don’t like cooking. It’s weird… Canning? You bet. Baking? Right on! But cooking… not so much.

Without Michael home, cooking is such a chore.

It is like all my chores have a boredom magnification without him.

TV helps me tune out. Shuts down my brain so I don’t think about what else I need to do without him here. Without his help. As a result, less gets done.

As I recognize this, I am hoping to change this pattern. I will need to break out of this habit of turning to the TV.

Michael and I had discussed the possibility of his turning to trucking as a means of extra income when we move to our homestead. Minimal expenditure of fuel to commute for work, etc. I don’t want to even think about all things I would need to do on my own if that happens.


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