Team Driving?

I was talking with a friend the other night. Her and her boyfriend (fiance? common law husband? significant other? What is the correct term these days?) are also truck drivers. They work as a team of owner operators for Swift. They chose that life for several reasons. They hit a rough patch similar to ours. Her boyfriend worked in construction as well, and found it difficult to get steady employment in his profession. They were struggling to cover their bills and she was having a stressful situation at her work.

Long story short, they both work together now, saving money for a house and traveling. She LOVES it! She even manages to brew her kombucha in the truck on the road. She is very resourceful.

So we were talking and she says, “Why don’t you guys just do what we do?”

God bless her! 🙂

I will probably NEVER drive a semi. It’s not just for the existence of all the other drivers out there who think truckers can stop on a dime, or that they don’t deserve space on the road. But I am a scaredy cat! I can’t imagine driving something so completely huge and heavy and (let’s face it) dangerous. I have heard so many stories of near misses. I have heard horror stories, most of which where the trucker was not at fault, but their lives end up ruined anyway.

Plus, I would never get my load delivered on time. I am not fond of driving the mountains in my Hyundai! Can you imagine me driving a semi on twisty roads? I would be going so slow that I would probably end up a hazard to other drivers anyway. LOL!

Currently, it is a non-issue as we are still raising our youngest. We also have our property to finish working on.

If we were both on the road we would never get our homestead finished.


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