May’s Top Posts!

Thought I would share my top post for May. Thank you all again for sticking with my journey from city girl to farm girl. Let’s have some fun!

IMAG0225 Property Updates – Staking Our Claim – Headed back up to the property. We have a lot of work to do this summer to get things moving forward. This was the first time we actually spent the night ON our property! It was pretty cool pitchin…
6a00e0099229e8883301bb089fcc6e970d Fruit Walls – I was checking out my google+ and I came across this shared article. It talked about these wonderful things called fruit walls. They were the precursor to the greenhouse and allowed people to exten…
20151102_224113_hdr-1.jpg Interior House plans – Hey all! I promised this post a while ago and time has flown by! Michael and I have gone through a couple of incarnations of our house plans and here was the most recent thoughts for our interior h…
20160505_184403-1 small Raising Turkeys – Pasty Butt… WHAT? – I have raised several batches of chickens from babies, even helped hatch one that was abandoned by the mom. And I have NEVER had to deal with the phenomena known as Pasty Butt, until now! Pasty But…
IMAG0239 “It’s like we’re pioneers!” – I don’t deal well with uncertainty. I never really have. Moving towards this homestead lifestyle is opening up a wide world of uncertainties. I find a ball of anxiety forming in the pit of my…

Have a favorite post? Would you like to see me talk about something I haven’t covered yet? Did I make a typo? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂 I love to hear from you!


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