Septic Tank Woes…

On our last trip to the property we learned a couple of new things about our septic system requirements.

Where we live now, the regulations regarding septic leach fields require the leach plumbing to be at least 3 feet underground. You dig a 6 foot trench, fill the bottom half with gravel, lay your perforated pipe, lay another couple of feet of gravel and then cover with dirt. You can walk on it, graze animals over it or even build over it. The idea is that the leach materials sink into the ground, filtering and purifying as they go. We assumed, wrongfully, that our new place would be the same.

Where we are building our property the leach plumbing only goes about 12 inches under ground! The idea is that the moisture evaporates and the materials get broken down as with composting.

The problem with this type of system is that the entire area of the leach fields is completely UNUSABLE! You can’t put a shed over it, you can’t graze animals on it as that may compact the soil, and you can’t plant a garden without taking extreme caution for either food contamination or roots clogging up your field. You most certainly can’t drive over it.

The only thing that land will be good for is growing ornamentals or ground cover. They don’t even want you walking over it too much.barrel20ct20priv-20screen20complete20420x315

I am about ready to go back to my “composting outhouse” idea.


3 thoughts on “Septic Tank Woes…

  1. That’s how our rural homes are here in Washington too. Dont think of it as unusable land. It has a very important purpose and its not unsightly, just a little clearing.


    1. The research I did said we may only need about 300 sqft of space. Crossing my fingers. The only other unknown is WHERE w can afford to put it. Different locations on the property may require different configuration and therefore different cost.


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