Ways to Can Ground Beef

I have mentioned numerous times about how food storage can act as a buffer to inflation, as well as help in case of emergencies. My husband and I are always on the lookout for food that is on sale. Anything that we can put up, we buy in large quantities. When my husband found ground beef on sale for $1.60 a pound (down from $4 a pound) I had him buy up 40 pounds of the stuff!

Now you may be wondering what I planned to do with all that ground beef, or at least you have some idea, because this post is titled “Canning Ground Beef” after all. 😉 There are several ways to can ground beef aside from the obvious.

  • Ground beef browned and canned in beef broth (Obvious)
  • Spaghetti sauce with ground beef
  • Ground beef “manwich”
  • Ground beef chili
  • Meatloaf
  • Beef soup

Luckily, at the same time we caught this sale, I was also preparing a class on pressure canning. In pure hubby style, he bought more than we needed to the tune of 37 pounds of fresh tomatoes from the farmers market.

We spent one night and one entire day prepping and canning these dishes. Because my husband helped, I have no real recipe to give out. His way of cooking is to throw the kitchen sink in and every time he makes something it is different. There are plenty of recipes available in the internet, but I suggest you start with your own favorite recipes of each and just try those first. Be sure to keep the canning principles in your Ball canning book or other canning book of choice.

There are some warnings about canning meatloaf because of the use of eggs and fillers. Use your own judgement. I am not an expert and can only offer anecdotal information. 🙂

Resources to check out for official canning techniques:

Some recipes we “sort of” used:


Spaghetti Sauce


We just browned the meat with onions. Added the manwich sauce from a can. Packed in jars and pressure canned it according to guidelines for similar meat foods.

Meat Only Chili Base

Browned the meat with onions and veggies. Added tomato paste and spices to taste. Pressure canned according to guidelines for similar meat foods.

Leave comments if you have any other ways you like to can ground beef. 🙂



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