Property Updates – 5/21/16

Seems like it is raining every weekend we get to visit the property. Last time the rain didn’t reach all the way and we had mostly sunny days. This time… not so lucky.

It is giving us some great insight into the weather patterns, and we are trying to judge our plans accordingly.


We met with the septic guy again. It was already pre-scheduled. He got to walk around our property a bit more, but because of the rain we couldn’t dig the test holes as planned.

What did end up happening is that he suggested yet ANOTHER location for our house. I really am not as happy with this possible location as it sits almost directly on the property line. Our neighbors to the north of us also own the property to the south of us, so for now it wouldn’t be a problem. I can’t help being nervous that they may sell one day, and then what?

IMAG0295We got to set up our “greenhouse” canopy arch while we were there. Unfortunately we packed the wrong box of tarps, so we only had a couple of small tarps, and a couple that our friend brought with her. Didn’t help much against the rain. At least it is set up and ready for the next time. I found the correct box of tarps once we got home.

IMAG0298We also brought a bbq that Michael got off a man from craigslist. He was selling the bbq and 2 propane tanks for $10, and since he wouldn’t just sell the tanks, we ended up with the extra bbq. Then we thought, “Hey, let’s just bring it to the property!”. So we did.

We brought the bbq, but we also brought the dutch oven cook stand that Michael built. I can’t wait to bring the dutch oven and give that thing a go!

AND, we have a picnic table. 🙂 No more cooking on the tailgate and standing all the time.

Getting home-ier every time we come out.

Next trip is setting up the foundation for our first shed! 🙂 Then we won’t have to use the tent anymore. 🙂

I welcome all words of encouragement in the comment below! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Property Updates – 5/21/16

  1. Hi Nysia
    I just started following your blog and I really enjoy the adventure… basically, I sure miss talking with you from across the street. I have not actually read where your property is…I would like to know where all this fun is taking place if you don’t mind sharing.
    I moved to Twin Falls ID 2 years ago. I love it here. My boyfriend and I bought a fixer upper and we are almost complete fixing up!!
    I so enjoy keeping up with the post you make about how all the kids are.
    Take care have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. Donna


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