Surviving as a Trucker’s Wife

I started this series almost as a joke. As part of a assignment the idea was to start a series of weekly posts. When I asked Michael for some ideas this is how it went:wp-1463697065542.jpeg

Of course it was via text message because we hardly talk face to face anymore.

I’m not sure how long Michael plans to keep trucking this time. I find that patience and self sufficiency are the keys to surviving as a trucker’s wife. You find you have to do just about everything on your own, and you can’t get resentful about it.

When I started this series, I did a quick search and found this on, a website that helps truckers find jobs.

Ten Tips for the New Trucker’s Wife – A somewhat one sided checklist of sorts on how to be a good little wifey.

Here’s my take…

1. Stay in Touch

Cell phones and Facetime are wonderful tools to help us stay in touch. We text frequently…well, whenever he stops for the night or gets up in the morning. He is pretty good about letting me know where’s he’s at and which direction he’s headed. His route takes him out and back on the same roads, so that helps.

2. Learn About the Trucking Life

Not so new to this trucker’s wife stuff, but it still gets to me. I often have him explain how his hours have to go. His time is heavily regulated and the trucks have computer GPS so he can’t even stop for lunch when, or where, he wants. It’s not a fun job.

3. Do a Run with Him

I have never gone on an overnight run with him, but I did ride sometimes when he was doing construction jobs. You would be AMAZED at how many people try to kill themselves using his truck. Please people, remember that trucks need at LEAST twice a truck’s distance to come to a complete stop. Same as cars need at least twice a car distance to stop. Don’t cut them off and don’t play chicken with a semi.

Having ridden with him, I understand how stressful it is. Everytime he comes home he has a story about someone trying to use his truck to commit suicide.

4. Trust Him

This is a non-issue. If I didn’t already trust him, we wouldn’t be married. Trucker or no. I find his stories of “lot lizards” humorous.

5. Stay Busy

I guess if you are a stay at home wife, this could be an issue. I work full time and am very active with everything we have going on. Heck, you guys know – you’re reading my blog. 🙂

6. Have Your Own Activities and Interests

Again, not an issue. Read my “About Me” page if you need to know just some of what I am up to. 🙂 It is important to be self reliant if you plan to have a trucker spouse. If this keeps up, I’ll have our homestead all complete without him.

7. Don’t Get Your Feelings Hurt

Not usually a problem. Sometimes it is disheartening to come home, find his truck in front of the house, only to find him already asleep when I get inside. But I know his hours are crazy. It’s hard to get upset with a man that will do whatever it takes to keep bills paid and food on the table.

8. Plan for His Return

I’m not good at this. I have never been Mrs. Susie Homemaker. It’s just good that he knows this, too. I do my best if he gives me fair notice I try to have some kind of dinner planned. He is always craving “real” food when he comes home.

9. Be Flexible

‘Nuff said…

10. Help Him Get Ready to Go

Again, not to good at this either. I do my best, but he has a routine and is pretty good at it. If something comes up that I can help with, I try to jump in.

So there you have it. We work out the kinks as we go along. After being together for 10 years, there’s not much that can phase us.

If you have experience being a trucker’s spouse, post any tips or advice in the comments. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Surviving as a Trucker’s Wife

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. My husband tends to travel for work a lot and I get really lonely. It will be so bad that I will not call or text while he is away because talking on the phone makes me feel more lonely. It is a tough thing to get used to.


    1. I agree. I often won’t text because u am afraid of waking him during his time off. The hours are so irregular I can’t really know when he’s driving and when he’s stopped till he messages first. I also have a hard time going to sleep. I stay up instead of going to bed alone.


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