What To Do With Sourdough Starter

I mentioned before how much I LOVE sourdough starter! When I learned to use it, it opened up a whole new world of leavened breads.

Starters are so useful for so many other foods besides bread. With the growing number of foodie blogs, the many uses of sourdough starter keeps on growing as well!

Below is a compilation of recipes I have used successfully, or want to try with my sourdough starter. Please leave me comments below if you have tried any of these or have great ones to add to the list! This post will be an ever evolving resource.


I make all the bread in our house, so for sandwich bread I wanted a nice quick easy recipe. I chose 5 Minute Sourdough Bread from A Cultured Food Life. While the name is a little misleading, it does make a nice flavorful quick bread without kneading.


Pancakes are one of the easiest things to make with starter. I don’t even use a recipe when I make pancakes for the family. I typically use this as a complete starter refresh. I dump basically the entire contents of my starter container in a mixing bowl (typically 1-2 cups worth). I then add enough flour, milk, and a couple of eggs to the mixture till I reach a “pancake batter” consistency that I like. I add a couple tablespoons of oil and a about 1/3 tsp of baking soda per cup of starter. My family LOVES them!

If playing it by ear is a little unnerving at first, here are some recipes that may get you started.

English Muffins

I posted about my english muffin experience earlier! I can’t say enough about the recipe I found. Tastes exactly how an english muffin is supposed to taste. I haven’t tried any others, yet.


I have not tried these yet, but here is the one I plan to try first.




I am definitely ready to try these!


Here is another resource for using your sourdough starter! The more recipes you have under your belt the more self reliant you will become. Using starter opens up a world of options beyond the usual homemade bread.



5 thoughts on “What To Do With Sourdough Starter

  1. We had a sour dough starter and were making bread with it regularly. We kept adding more and more of the starter to the recipe trying to achieve a really sharp sourdough flavor. But always was very mild. Any suggestions on how to get that really bold sourdough flavor? Thanks


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