“It’s like we’re pioneers!”

I don’t deal well with uncertainty. I never really have. Moving towards this homestead lifestyle is opening up a wide world of uncertainties. I find a ball of anxiety forming in the pit of my stomach when I think about all the many things we need to accomplish. Even though we have 5 years to figure things out (honestly, it is our lives so we can take as long as we need), yet still I feel overwhelmed most days. How on earth can we get everything accomplished in time? Where is the money going to come from? What life “necessities” are we going to do without, and what can we not afford to do without? How will we be able to afford the few things we will need to buy once we move?

My husband asked me the other day if I really wanted to do this. So many thoughts ran through my mind…

  • Is he asking me if I want to back out because he wants me to be happy and thinks I am not?
  • Is he asking me because he is feeling as though HE wants to back out and is gauging my reaction to his need?
  • Should we give up before we put so much of ourselves into this that we CAN’T back out, only to find that we failed?

Ultimately, I believe the answer to all of these is no.

I look back at my life, and other than raising some pretty awesome kids, I think that I have not accomplished much I would call amazing. I haven’t even done that much that I would call difficult. I have lived my life in the comfort zone.

This is my amazing.

This is my difficult.

These are my true, outside the comfort zone, core character building moments.

We went to our property again this weekend. My daughter looked around at the bare land and said “It’s like we’re pioneers!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



8 thoughts on ““It’s like we’re pioneers!”

  1. It’s funny because I found myself asking my partner exactly the same questions before we embarked on our own journey. We’ve been through a lot since then and the answers are still the same, this is the life for us.If only the UK had a homesteading equivalent! It’s going to be a pleasure following your blog 🙂


      1. I suppose the closest thing we have is smallholding, but by my understanding it’s not quite the same thing. Maybe it’s just the terminology. Basically in the uk you would need planning permission to build anything and they outright refuse to give it anywhere in the countryside.


        1. Wow! That answers a question my husband and I had. We were watching a British show on netflix and marveling at all the countryside not being used up. Either by farmers, homesteaders, or taken up by industry. It is hard in the US to find beautiful land not being put to SOME purpose (good or bad). Mountainous scrags or deserts where nothing really grows. But even that we are “reclaiming” at an alarming rate.

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        2. How ironic that we were thinking exactly the same about the US, there seems to be so many amazing untouched areas, but perhaps like the UK they’re all protected against development, even sustainable, organic farming.

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  2. My opinion is to approach your transition like you would when accomplishing any other project. You cannot do everything at once so pick a project, make s plan and get busy. Once you complete one task you will have momentum for the next. Sometimes all it takes is to just start moving. I had no plans to remodel my home when I bought it but as I was cleaning it up after I closed on it I started pulling up carpet tones is the hardwood floor looked nice. This lead to a complete renovation by myself in 3 months with no prior experience in this type of work. Good luck in your endeavors!


    1. Thank you. Exactly. We have a plan, and a rough timeline. There are several things that need to be done in unison. I find that taking a deep breath every now and then helps. Also just going to our property and BEING there gives me such a wonderful feeling.

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